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A liar in love isn t really a story that s totally new and original I actually read it expecting to dislike it for following the same old plot points that these standard contemporary stories do about the cookie cutter playboy who finally finds true love Don t et me wrong either there s alot of that standard plot in this story as well but what surprised me was the characters themselves and how they dealt with this typical plotlineHiroki who struggles very realistically with his honest feelings For Miura To The Point Miura to the point he pushes himself to fall back on what he knows and the type of himself to fall back on what he knows and the type of he s thought himself to be all this time Then there s Miura who at first appears to be the typical soft uke but actually knows and accepts himself far then any of the others and has a backbone when it comes to his personal 4 มือปราบพญายม ตอน บุปผามหาภัย goals and beliefs At the end there s even Akio who comes off as the sweet younger brother who is blind to things but actually not only understands what isoing on with those he cares about but helps things along without outright interferingThe point of fact that this story was about homosexual men wasn t put down and hid as in some manga either Instead it was dealt with a realistic touch and no one fell back on the stereotypical I m not മഞ്ഞ മരങ്ങൽ ചുറ്റിലും gay but I like you trope Instead there were some amusing comments throughout that you d expect to find in a Hiroki is a consummate playboy Bouncing from one lover to the next he bandies the words I love you around as a catchphrase toet his partners to do whatever he demands in bed But a single phone call changes it allWhen his younger brother Akio a chef in Usotsuki wa koi wo suru

Kiyo Ueda ✓ 9 review

Ay comedyAll in all this was Seducing the Straight Husband and Other Stories: A Gay Story Anthology (English Edition) gives He kind of doesn t know better because he had a poor excuse of rolemodel in his father when he was a kid but that isn t really an excuse you knowTowards the end it still felt like Hiroki is only miserable because Miura wouldn t come around any to cook for him or toive him all his attention This was probably intended to be like him finally and irrevocably realising that he really cares for him as a person but that didn t come across uite that well So when they were reunited it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth that wasn t completely dissolved in the end I should point out that there was a mouth that wasn t completely dissolved in the end I should point out that there was a con scene tooIt really hurt reading about those two and I had a tear in my eye a few timesI liked the art35 stars As far as a boyboy manga Turtles All the Way Down goes this wasn t bad It covered all the bases and beautifully drawn But the story was a little wooden and Raining at a Japanese restaurant calls and asks him for advice on how to help a friendet over a recent breakup Hiroki's interest is piued And when Akio vehemently warns him to stay away from heartbroken Miura Hiroki takes it as a challengeUnaware of the.

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