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George C Marshall Organizer of Victory 1943 1945Cold War are carefully sorted out Pogue s bio is also on the subject "of allocation of man and material most seem to take it for granted that "allocation of man and material most discussions seem to take it for granted that US simply supplied these things and there was

Enough To Go Around 
to go around Russia Britain Italy Anvil what became Overlord China and the various Pacific fronts Landing craft were in particular short supply Supplying Eisenhower s forces was a problem for a long time after June 6 1944 This book was recommended in one of the Bookmarks magazine s issues of either Nov Dec 2007 or Jan Feb 2008 Very valuable Confirmation that Marshall ranks at the TOP of the list of contributors to the 20th Century Whatever ego he had clearly was set aside for the go. From his vantage point is to gain fresh perspective whether on the profound differences with our British allies on the MacArthur Nimitz feud in the Pacific on the machinations at Yalta or on the astounding build p of American might Such is Forrest Pogue's skill however that we never lose flesh and blood man who so often surprises s with the warmth and irony behind the legendary facade of frost and integrityIn Marshall's war service Dr Pogue notes we can find the perfect blend of soldier and civilian as the pre eminent figure on the military scene both at home and abroad he provided the link between the military establishment and the American people; though he insisted on hard discipline and high respect for leadership among his troops he. Meticulous to the point of being the serious enthusiast "Than Reader Provides Great Insight Into The Man The "casual reader Provides great insight into the man the and the organizer of victory Recommended for anyone interested in military history andor leading large organizations in time of tremendous challenge A must for anyone with a serious interest in the War Excellent perspective on differences with other Allies particularly Churchill s penchant for military sideshows Marshall deserves great credit for identifying and sticking with the cross Channel approach as the surest route to victory His ability to turn down command of that theater when it was offered to him is remarkable Military and political realities in view of the approaching. From the Casablanca Conference in January 1943 and the Allied decision to sift to the offensive in all theaters of the Second World War to the surrender of Germany in May 1945 the span of this enthralling third volume in the official biography of George C Marshall the Allies and the Axis troops fought flat out It was during this period that the indomitable Army Chief of Staff's shrewd skills as an administrator concerned commander and strategist gained him growing recognition and trust from Roosevelt and Churchill and nparalleled respect from Congress and the country; if Hitler had been the one to foment the blasts of chaos it was General of the army Marshall who kept the calm eye of hurricane centered on his Pentagon desk To see the war. .
Od of the Army and the US and even the thorny WW 2 alliance with the Brits Speaking Of Which This Speaking of which this is full of examples of how difficult it was to keep making that alliance work Credit goes to British Field Marshal Dill tooI could go on with details but the point is that Pogue is as far as I know the definitive biographer of Marshall and Marshall is someone whom everyone should know something about So well worth reading and don t neglect the notes Fascinating account of the chief of staff s juggling war ops in Europe and *the Pacific The portraits of outsized personalities of MacArthur Churchill Montgomery and *Pacific The portraits of outsized personalities of MacArthur Churchill Montgomery and are interesting as is the maneuvering through "politics of the 1944 presidential campaig. Never forgot that the "of the 1944 presidential campaig. Never forgot that the cost of victory lay in the loss of men's lives Like everyone else Marshall had to cope with the tragedy and the trivia of war from visiting the fresh Italian grave of a fallen stepson to fighting off the commissioning of Brautraub: Kurzgeschichte unualified pals of the White House though when it came to making combat decisions in Europe he held onto a purely non political tackFew men valued than George C Marshall the maintenance of the individual spirit and the need for each soldier to know his job well andnderstand its importance to those at home and few have been as notably successful in naming field commanders Churchill was never perceptive than when he cabled just before V E Day to salute Marshall as the true organizer of victo. ,