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The Vampire Diaries The Hunters Moonsong

L.J. Smith Ý 2 Read

Llins is so intent on keeping
Stefan And Elena Together Do 
and Elena together Do think people will not continue to ead the series if she ends up with Damon That is a stupid assumption they obviously don t know their fan baseAnyway I am going to finish the series with a bitter taste in my mouth with what this UNTALENTED ghostwriter has done with LJ s beloved characters I won t No Limits (Brutal Master read any of the ghostwritten books for The Secret Circle series or The Hunters series By giving a 1 star to these books I m showing my dislike for Alloy Entertainment HarperCollins for firing LJ Smith They are not allowing her to write her books the way she wanted because they only care about what sells and don t have anyespect for story telling at all I personally am a Stelena fan but just cause I want a story to be one way doesn t mean it should be They Liar, Liar re not mine or anyone other than LJ Smith s stories to tell anyways For those who don t know what I m talking about here s the letter LJ Smith wrote herself to her fansegarding the issue Hi Thank you so very much for your kind words about Midnight I m so gladyou Essays One re enjoying it and if you already know that Damon says those threelittle words to Elena then I expect you know what she does for himafterwards I can t say how much I appreciate your understanding of thebook but at the same time my heart is so heavy that I just can t keeppretending about what s in the future for Delena fansYou see I ve been fired from The Vampire Diaries mainly because instead of giving my publishers the strict Stelana they demanded I went ahead and wrote what my heart told me to do They wanted Elena toealize that she was fond of or physically attracted to Damon but that her one true love was Stefan But I didn t see the series that way And so Midnight is the last Vampire Diaries book you ll see by L J SmithYou e probably wondering how this can happen since I write the series and have done so since 1990 But the truth is simple When I got a call asking me to write a vampire trilogy for Harper it wasn t Harper who was calling me It was a book packager now called Alloy Entertainment calling on Harper s behalf Their job was to take authors work put blurbs and covers on it and sell it to a publisher When I wrote the first Vampire Diaries trilogy it was called work for hire By the time I found out what that meant it was too lateWhat it means is that the book packager Alloy Entertainment owns thebooks not me Even though they are copyrighted to me I is that the book packager Alloy Entertainment owns thebooks not me Even though they are copyrighted to me I can t write them without Alloy s permission And they eally hated any Delenacontent as well as the many scenes I had given to Bonnie which they wanted to cut They demanded only Stelena And now they ve gotten an anonymous ghostwriter to do the books the way *A Ghostwriter Does Stefan S DiariesThe First *ghostwriter does Stefan s DiariesThe first out after Midnight will probably sound something like mywriting since I wrote Phantom for them But instead of edits what I got back after I wrote it was a letter addressed to the ghostwriter by name telling her to completely The Kaya-Girl rewrite the bookI have been fighting coaxing and pleading with the people at both Alloy and Harper as I already had the next two books after Phantom mapped out But there is nothing to be done They simply didn t like the way the series was going and unlike most writers who work with book packagers I was not submissive meek and eager to please them Instead I had my own vision of the books But you can kiss any truly meaningful Delena moments goodbye because I m afraid it just isn t the view of Harper or AlloyMeanwhile I am devastated Of course I have other series done directlywith a publisher The Forbidden Game Dark Visions and the Night Worldbooks But I put so much of myself into the Vampire Diaries books thatright now I m devastated I never imagined anything like this could happen But still I can t say that Iegret having written Shadow Souls or Midnight the way I did I wrote what I did because that was the vision I saw of the charactersI m just sorry that from now on Delena eaders will have no hope of anything other than a Stelena endgame and that written by someone who will do exactly what she is toldLisaL J Smith Oh my GOD this cover is hideous How does anyone think that would make the book sell For one the guy is hideous and for two the way they put that shade of ed in the background makes him look devoid of all natural skin tone ness In fact he looks unnaturally pale like he s been dead for five days and someone just propped his eyes open for thi. Campus suddenly every new acuaintance is a potential enemy Then Elena uncovers a long hidden secret one that shocks her to the.
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