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O good for it hopefully the editing is done on the next book If the editing had been done better I would have given this book the editing had been done better I would have given this book 3 12 To 4 Stars It Was About to 4 stars It was about less about Benedict but since the book is so short I looked at it as a few chapters in the story and that these chapters were about finding Ally which Gabe does I hate cliff hangers and here we get another the story doesn t get resolved and I ve lost the will to track down part 3 These 2 are morons I m happy to leave them at the edge of their cliff for all their immortal eternity This is the second book in a Vampire series written by Merrill GemusAlthough I liked the book and have read one and two I do not feel that they are two books but like two parts of a whole book that have been separated for some unknown reason Both books end with a major cliffhanger and you only get like the first uarter of the story on book one and the second leads up to about the halfway point I really hate that because looking at her website it says the title of the next part of the story and that she is almost half done writing it but that was a year ago I m finding no information on it ever been published so here I sit feeling like I had a book stolen from me in the middle of the storyThis section continue in the minutes after Ally was kidnapped and takes place over the next few days while Benedict and his best friend Gabriel look for her and ends ust as Gabriel finds herI m all for a good series but the cliffhangers and feelings of unfinished ness leads me to only give this book three starsThe other thing that drove me nuts was the author writing than every time she meant to write then Did no one proof this book I mean really The only reason I want to read the next is to finish the story. Ll they ever be freed Worst still Ally was in transformation and she was getting uitethirsty Benedict was possibly her only hope. ,

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I got so pissed at the last page moira is a B GRRRRRRRRRRRR PLEASE COME OUT WITH THE THIRD BOOK LIKENOW lol i love the bitten books omg YOU MUST HURRY XD It is hard to say much about this book I think it is too short to get a general feel for main charcthers Also Benedict was to navie He should have seen His fiance doing something like kidnapping I think this book would have been better off if the whole series was made into one Book two following Bitten finds Ally kidnapped by Moira her vampire s betrothed Ben enlists his friend Gabe to help in his search for Ally Gabe is sure Moira is to help in his search for Ally Gabe is sure Moira is her family his but Ben won t even think about the possibilityWas to find that this was not think about the possibilityWas disappointed to find that this was not end of the story There will be a 3rd shortnovella that I hope will finish the tale Just like everyone else has said this is a step up from the first novella Do I have the same complaints Yes The author s writing is nothing to write home about Her storytelling sounds a lot like school girl gossip The characters don t have much substance behind them except the antagonist I could describe the bad guy in detail but the two main characters No The story line itself is decent That s what makes reading possible Not Dangerous to Touch just reading but mild enjoyment Once again an editor would have helped with the tense changes misspelled words and paragraphs of thought that were placed in there that appeared to be meant as seuences of events Just spend a little time on your characters and stop trying to be trendy and things will work to your benefitSo I read on the author s blot that the third book will be called Unbroken and is halfway complete With a lot of unanswered uestions and the second book ending abruptly like the first I ll read it if When a shackled Ally awakes inside a cold dank cell she uickly remembers that her life took a sudden wrong turn Her friends also. T crosses my path As in free or very cheap Book 2 in the Bitten Mini Series This is not a stand alone read I like the story these 3 books are telling but this book has so many editing errors and the chapter recapping every details that happened in book was between the characters was a snooze that Iust skimmed overI to read book 3 but I really hope is free like the first 2
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book 3 but I really hope it is free like the first 2 On a Side Note I want Thank Merrill Gemus for providing us with her stories for free it is appreciatedI would like to recommend combining the 3 books into one clean up the editing add some details and character depth and you Merrill Gemus could possibly have a best seller LoveLoveLoved this book I cannot wait for the third installment I am actually hoping that there may be even a fourth installment I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the first one of the Bitten series Loved it actually and here I am waiting for book three ugh I like short reads and this short read was really nice even with the little grammar errors MERRILL WHERE IS BOOK THREE Worth the read cause it ust keeps you interested from page one until the last page continues basically where the first book Bitten left off but what a difference in writing This one was like a high school kid wrote it The tenses were off in the same sentence and constantly in the same paragraph the character was refered to as Ben Benedict yet in the first book he was always referred to as Benedict other then when she called him Ben once or twice The writing was haphazard and made for start stop reading Really like the story and again it was too short Wish that book 1 2 were part of one regular size 300 pages or so book I look forward to the next book because the overall story has potential so far Incarcerated are swiftly brought up to date and now fear for their lives How could Ally be stuck in a vampiric love triangle Wi.
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