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E story of three friends a human child called Max his cat Mix a Mexican mouse called *MexIt Starts With The Childhood *starts with the Max with his cat ntil his adult life when will join a mouseDuring this long period of time we ll observe the evolution of a friendship between the threeWith the passing of years in a house in the city of Munich in Germany will take over the disability of the cat that will change completely the life styles of the human and the mouse I wished that I d been able to get a copy of the Espasa edition as the drawings look fabulous Alas it was extremely The Vanquished unaffordable I looked for it without knowing at the time of the author s death so maybe it will reappear in another edition in the futureThese are simple pen and ink or watercolor illustrations and are cute enough but so much is made of Mix s profile that from the cover the Espasa edition seems to have a better illustrator It would seem that this happened with all of the children s books that he wrote the illustrations in the translations are neverite as good This edition also has what looks to be a "biographical piece on the author at the end but my German is limited so I ll go over it carefully "piece on the author at the end but my German is limited so I ll go over it carefully a later dateAnother nice set of stories about Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, unlikely friends At 20 pages in I was afraid that it was taking a sad turn but it was a necessary part. Visão sente se cada vez mais sozinhoUm dia Mix ouvens passinhos suaves vindos da despensa e descobre Ancient Iraq ue hám ladrão a comer os cereais crocantes do dono Esperto Mix deixa se ficar ieto e de repente com a rapidez de outros tempos estica a pata e sente o corpo trémulo de m minúsculo ratinho Mex como é batizado é m ratinho mexicano muit.

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Purely beautiful and lively like any other stories of Sepulveda Such a pleasure to discover that I share the same birthday with Luis Sepulveda Simple warm hearted story Nothing special just read to fulfill your day This was a lovely little story with powerful messages on friendshipIt s sweet and slow like the passing of seasons Sep lveda has a
with words they re like blanket warming your soul and making you feel cosy The story has open old school vibe like the books my mom sed to read to me when I was a child I think that s why I enjoyed it it was like going back to a simpler timeI was slightly disappointed by the ending I felt like something was missingBut otherwise I had a really nice time reading it Livro maravilhoso sobre a amizade encantador e comovente Uma hist ria para ler aos mais peuenos e para saborear com gosto em aluer idade Ador vel e com ilustra es magn ficasA wonderful book about friendship enchanting and moving A story to read to those younger in age and to absorb with gusto irrespectively of one s age Adorable and with magnificent imagesMaria CarmoLisbon 11 Th May 2013 *I LOVE IT BEST *LOVE IT BEST EVER I listened to this story on an audio book in Italian and then I translated the title into English I didn t found the cover nor the the title maybe it hasn t translated into EnglishThis is th. Max vive em Muniue com os seus pais e irmãos e com Mix o seu inseparável gato preto com ma mancha branca na barriga Amigos desde a infância I'm a Ballerina! uando Max cresce e decide mudar de casa leva Mix consigo Mix adora viver no novo apartamento Masando Max começa a trabalhar e não pode estar tanto tempo em casa Mix e está a envelhecer e a perder Historia de Mix de Max y de MexOf the story and I was wrong no sad outcome It would be a great book for children to read at bedtime each chapter of a few pages each is a somewhat self contained episode or adventure Proper teamwork would help solve issues lots of issues I finished reading this book in about an hour in my favorite bookstore This was not a thick book and normally many people would just *Walk Away Without Actually favorite bookstore This was not a thick book and normally many people would just *Walk Away Without Actually For That Because They Ve *away without actually paying for that because they ve known everything inside but i they ve known everything inside But I to buy it not that there was something I didn t fully nderstand about it or that I want to read it over and over I don t have that much time LOL It was simply because I really like it That is not an exceptionally written book or related to something really tremendous I was attracted by the sincere yet fascinating way in which it was presented The book let me know how important and special a real friendship is and made me treasure the relationships that I have I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to spend an afternoon reading something meaningful and relaxing A short story about an odd friendship between 2 sworn enemies No one is perfect but if they take advantage of each others to improve their weekness or know how to nite and collaborate that the worst thing happened is better soon It s right to say nothing can be anticipate. O medroso e charlatão Mas os verdadeiros amigos apoiam se m ao outro e juntos aprendem a partilhar o Catalyst ue de melhor têm dentro de siBaseado num episódio da vida dem dos filhos de Luis Sepúlveda a História de m gato e de m rato Saving Dinner for the Holidays ue se tornaram amigos oferece nosma vez mais Niubi! uma fábula singela e divertida sobre o verdadeiro valor da amizad.

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