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25% is as far as I GOT IT WASN T HORRIBLE AND It wasn t horrible and pissed me off So I Decided To Give It 3 to ive it 3 wasn t that I lost interest I just couldn t et into it I couldn t feel it The story itself seemed okay actually kinda fun The writing is technically pretty ood but the pace is just waaaaay too fast The entire book needs to be fleshed out More details need to be added The romance seems rushed instead of built The MC s need backround currently they are just too flat Lastly there are too many convenient circumstances which would be believable if there was some explanationYeah so If you want a light uick read and can overlook some holes sure I d recommend it It s just not for me Especially since it is a clean read I mean if I had some spice to look forward to I might have toughed it outThank God it was free Safety Issues Only ot to 25% so I can t say for the rest of the 75%Hero had past Said he had his wild days Never been with whores only willing women No violence as of yetNo Rape as of yetNo Cursing as of yetNo OW as of yetNo insta love as of yet Lilah Canton works at the local restraint and ha been asked by her boss to deliver a meal to the cowboy locked in the jail who was arrested for murder When Lilah ets there both the sheriff and the deputy are Somerset Maugham - The Magician, The Explorer gone only the prisoner remains As he moves forward in his cell and out of the shadows she recognizes him as a childhood neighbor from Colorado She remembers that he was always a bit of a bully but she can t believe that he could be a murderer He knows who she is and asks her for help If he stays the father of the man who was killed will make sure that he doesn t live to make it to trial She agrees and thus their adventure begins This is another well written historical romance adventure novella by Ms Oakes I loved the characters and the story line kept me interested and involved I received a copy for the author for an honest review I honestly loved the story and the characters I m looking forward to from this talented author Loving Lilah Historical Western Romance The ladies of Cascade Creek Book 2 by AnnMarie OakersThis is a cute western romance with a little western dramaAsh is a typical cowboy comes to the rescue and ends up noood deed Human Energy Systems goes under punished No faced with a lynching mob his life expectancy is lookingrave indeed Ash only choice for help Lilah an absolutely beautiful woman now but back in the day he was a bully and tormented her relentlesslykarma was a bitch The journey makes the book memorialize and the characters you fall in love with and you do eagerly look forward to knowing The book well written I read book 2 before book one and I wasn t lost it is definitely a stand alone some say it but doesn t always ring true I read this rather uickly flowed well written well and I enjoyed it Good clean western romanceMore information for Book Reviews help finding the write book for you Please be sure to stop over to my blog I would love to have you join our Book Lovers Team BLT LOL it s time to curling up with a ood book making new friends and escaping and let all the troubles fade away and lift your soul and recharge your batteries so you ready for your next adventures I look forward to you joining me there LilahNice uick read kept you interested leaves you expecting hopefully etting it in due time look forward joining me there LilahNice uick read kept you interested leaves you expecting hopefully El Mago de Esmirna getting it in due time look forward books by Oakes I knew from the first book that I wasoing to love Lilah and her endless energy She did not disappointThis book picks up shortly after Loving Lucas ended Lilah found herself in love with Lucas who happened to be in love with her sister He had never done anything to. On the run from the law and falling in love Lilah Canton never expected to see her childhood neighbor Ash Thompson behind bars Even she never expected to care Ash needled her all through their childhood But discovering him in the Barden Fal.

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Loving Lilah (The Ladies of Cascade Creek #2)

AnnMarie Oakes ↠ 6 CHARACTERS

She had come to Braden Falls with Mr Nelson who was the owner of a mercantile in Braden Falls and Mabel s brother Lilah had to et out of Cascade Creek after her sister Audra married Luke Lilah was in love with Luke but he had eyes only for Audra Lilah had always had the urge to travel and she had done some Now she was sent by Mabel to take a foot tray to the man currently being held in jail Before leaving she heard the men being pumped up to action by Abner Braden They were planning to take the law into their own hands and They were planning to take the law Into Their Own Hands And their own hands and man in jail before he went to trial She was extremely surprised to find a former classmate bully Ash Thompson in jail How did she react in seeing Ash in the cellAsh Thompson was indeed in jail He had helped one of the ladies at Miss Hattie s establishment Miss Emeline was one of the cleaning ladies not a lady of the night Miss Emeline was being harshly handled by Cyrus Braden He was attempting to rape her Ash was brought up to be a entleman and a Le Seigneur des anneaux (le livre officiel du film) : Les Deux tours gentleman always protected women Cyrus was drunk and fought Ash In the fight Cyrus drew hisun and it accidently went off killing Cyrus Although Emeline backed up Ash s story the Marshall stood by and did nothing except arrest Ash Ash would be tried for murder in a town whose entire existence relied on Abner Braden Ash knew he would never see court so planned to escape somehow When Lilah came to bring his dinner he convinced her that helping him was the right thing to do Ash and Lilah take off on Ash s two horses Cloud and Ned Ash does not want to be mistaken for a horse thief He plans to et to the nearest station and catch a train to Colorado and home Things did not work out that way Braden has circulated Ash S Picture To Every Station Around Ash picture to every station around Ash Lilah headed off across country to Cascade Creek with no provisions They have many adventures etting to Cascade Creek Storms and rain wild fires drought a bounty hunter and Indians all keep the pace Creativity and Technology going Will they make it to Cascade Creek If so what will be the reaction of those who knew Ash as a bad boy and bully Riley Ash s brother heads back to Braden Falls to locate and bring back Miss Emeline They wereoing to try Ash in Cascade Creek to see if he was to be turned over to Mr Campbell or let Contravida go It was to be a fair trial What will Riley find in Braden Falls How will Ash s trial turn out this time Ash and Lilahrew up together Since Ash was always picking on her Lilah did not have find memories of him Lilah has been away from home for a while traveling and escaping a broken heart When she delivers a meal to a man in jail she isn t very pleased with finding that Ash is the prisoner the whole town is talking about hanging He s been accused of murdering the town founder s son and the marshal is backed by the town founder Can you say conflict of interestWether it s Ash s charm or just the fact that Lilah s heard the vigilantes making plans it doesn t take much for Ash to talk her into helping him escape Only then she s Teen Titans: Year One got too with him or she ll find herself in trouble and Ash won t allow that Their journey back to Colorado Territory is uite adventurous But things still aren t over This story was well written with the exception of a sentence or two missing a word The plot was entertaining and interesting At every turn there were problems that they had to work around and it was fun to watch the relationship between Ash and Lilah row into something their childhood animosity would not have allowed Language was clean and the sexual situations were mildI received a free copy of this book for review I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. They're on the run from the law and a bounty hunter they can't shake Ash says they'll be safe in the Colorado Territory but first they have to survive the harrowing cross country journey And Lilah has to decide how safe her heart is from As. .
Lead her on and treated her like he would a sister When her sister and Lucas decided to marry Lilah thought it was the end of her world and knew it was best for her leave town She knew how difficult it would be sharing a home with them and decided on an adventure of her ownMoving to California she became a cook which included taking meals to the jail for prisoners Imagine her shock when she entered the jail and saw her next door neighbor and childhood Nemesis Ash Behind Bars Ash behind bars a crime he says he did not commit He convinces her to break him out and their thousand mile journey home beginson horseback with a trail of men following close behind A dirty sheriff and a much too powerful man control the city Whatever the wealthy man wants he ets and now he want Ash dead He blames him for the death of his son and refuses to see it as it really is even though there are witnesses He wants him dead and one before the trialA really sweet and clean book follows the path of Book One in this series It has a low amount of angst no vulgar talk or foul language and the sex was insinuated than a blow by blow account of sexcapades I appreciate reading a clean book that does not leave my ut clenched with misunderstandings betrayal heartache and man whores A very pleasant changeI received this book complimentary for an honest review I received a copy of this book for review and must say I was pleasedI have to say right off that of the three books I ve reviewed so far for AnnMarie this one is my favorite Lilah and Ash are believable characters in both their talk and actions not that AnnMarie s other characters aren t far from it But I felt an affinity with both Lilah and AshAgain as in my other reviews I won t mention anything in details as I don t want those who will read this story know too much beforehand I d like them to discover what will happen by themselves just like I did That said let s say I was engrossed in their adventures the people they met how they overcame the dangers they faced to finally سرگذشت حسن صباح و جانشينان او go back to where they both came from Cascade Creek I was a bit sad to see END as I didn t want to stop following them What I really really liked though is how AnnMarie took her time and allowed their feelings to blossom before having them end in each other s arms All in all it was a veryood read and one I recommend I loved how the story drew me in and kept my attention throughout the entire experience I felt like I was there oing through all the troubles and passion and the journey they went on I could tell you but it would mess up your experience I wouldn t want to spoil it for you It s a must read on a dark night alone by the fire I can t put any AnnMarie Oakes books down till they re done I just am left hungry for the rest of the story or next book whichever occurs first I loved this book and all westernmysteryromance I read the few TEASE chapters of Romancing Riley and can t find it by AnnMarie Oakes or Riley Did she pass away That s something I read on her profile Someone please let me know rac7431msncom Loving Lilah is book two in the Ladies of Cascade Creek series by Ann Marie Oakes It is an exciting book that takes us from California to Colorado with both man made dangers and dangers from Mother Nature The characters seem real and the both man made dangers and dangers from Mother Nature The characters seem real and the is definitely one that could have happened in this plot is definitely one that could have happened in this period The descriptions of the towns and the people are definitely in line with the historical period It is another book you have to plan to have time to read straight through I loved this book and this series Lilah is working at Mabel Nelson s restaurant in Braden Falls. Ls jail stuns her He's accused of murdering the son of Abner Barden the most powerful man in town and they both know he won't live to see a trial Lilah's the only one who can help him Against her better judgment she aids Ash’s escape Now. ,