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Picture Theory eN knowing it he d made my life at home bearable Oh le swoon Sarina Bowen brings the swoons one time with book two in her Pay It Forward series Hello Forever was previously published as It s Never Over and while I never read the original Injoyed this one so muchAxel and Caxton were childhood friends Finding Ancestral Voices each other at a time when they needed the other the most they became instant best friends But over the years that friendship began to transform into something Until a kiss at ch 4 StarsSecond book in the series but can be a standaloneNot as good as book one but still a verynjoyable readAxel and Cax first meet at church camp when they are young and *BECOME GREAT FRIENDS OVER THE YEARSBUT *great friends over the yearsBut they are 16 a line is crossed and they are caught in a comprising position and both their parents are "called forAxel doesn t want to leave the camponly wanting to whatever time he can with CaxHowever he soon realizes " forAxel doesn t want to leave the camponly wanting to whatever time he can with CaxHowever he soon realizes is gone from his life6 years laterAxel is considering taking a job at a small collegeHe s watching a game on TV when he sees Cax in the Audiencedecision madeAs a result of the incident when they were 16Cax has totally surpressed his sexuality not helped by the fact his father is And Bid Him Sing extremely homophobic and taunts him atvery opportunityHe wants his own life but feels he has to remain firmly in the closet an Solid 4 StarsI jumped right in to this book after finishing and LOVING book 1 I knew that book was going to be hard to beat for me And it s true I didn t like this one uite as much but I still liked it A lot I liked that it was completely different from book 1 Different setting Different circumstances Still had the same good message I liked that we got to see a bit of Caleb and Josh I was a little worried about Cax and his martyrdom I got it And luckily the author didn t take it too far This could have been a lot angsty then it was But I loved the choices Cax made when they mattered the most We got some dirty talk with this one Definitely won t see me complaining about that This one had plenty of steam Nealy Wagneryou ve definitely got a fan in me NOW LIVE Barnes Noble Hello Forever is a heartbreaking Aristotle Detective (Aristotle emotional read about an out and proud Axel and his teenage crush Cax who is still firmly in the closet After being caught making out at summer camp Axel and Cax didn t get to return to the camp or stay in contact Until years later when Axel is trying to decide if a job opportunity is a good decision and while watching the basketball team he would be working for he see s Cax in the the audience Making his decision a muchasier one But he wasn t Bones, Clones, and Biomes expecting C 4 stars Sarina Bowen writes amazing books no matter what the genre but Ispecially love her MM romances When I read the first book in this series Goodbye Paradise I was blown away It s one of my top reads of this year and I couldn t wait to dive in the second Though Hello Forever was a little different than the first book it was still fantastic I loved Cax and Axel s story Axel had become Bringing the Empire Home everything to me My friend My savior My crush Axel and Cax were friends when they were kids More than that they both had crushed on one another One kiss at a church camp changesverything between them But getting caught kissing changes ven These two go years without any contact then years later they nd up at the same place Axel and Cax couldn t be in different places in their lives Cax lives close to his family so he can be close to his brothers He s living in the closet for fear that if he shows who he really is his homophobic father won t let him have contact with the boys Axel is openly gay He is who he is but his life has been different He has a supportive mother and has always been able to just be who he is You can tell there is still so much between this two but due to Cax s situation at home being friends is all that can Building the Cold War ever be between these two But friendship has never beennough Laying my hands on him felt like coming home He felt like mine I loved this couple so much Axel was a fantastic guy and Cax he broke my heart I felt for him I hated the situation he was in but I was so happy that he had Axel back in his life I rooted for them to be able to be together and just love one another Their relationship was sweet sexy tender and loving And I couldn t get Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) enough Another huge plus of this story was getting to see of Josh and Caleb from book one and see where they were at in life Seeing how things have turned out for them made my heart happy These books are my favorite kind of reads Emotional sexy and sweet Must reads for MM fans. Himself go there again Because loving Axel will mean losingverything lse he holds dearBoth men have so much to lose But as far as their love is concerned It’s Never OverIt’s Never Over is a stand alone novel with no cliffhangers Readers of In Front of God and Everyone will get a chance to check in on Caleb and Josh and their clan. This one started off promising best friends meet again after years apart "And Become Lovers One " become lovers One deeply in the closet terrified his violent vindictive father will keep his three younger brothers away from him The other is out and proud if a little wary about starting a new job as a marketing coordinator covering college athleticsSparks fly It s all insta love and hot kisses and secret trysts in hotel rooms until the crazy train comes to townHello melodrama central The story completely deteriorated around the 60 percent mark and the HEA felt rushed The MCs have ridiculous names and aren t well developed I found myself skimming the sex scenes which is never a good signCloser to 25 stars rou Hello Forever I found myself skimming the sex scenes which is never a good signCloser to 25 stars rou Hello Forever a story of second chances discovery acceptance and hope and with a couple whose first chance to be together was torn away from them years before no two men deserve a HEA than Axel and Cax He d been important to me back then ven if I d never told him so Open and honest with his sexuality and with the loving support of a parent Axel has never forgotten the childhood friend who stole his heart Neither has Cax despite things being very different for him living with the constant fear of his homophobic father and the threat of being unable to see his three younger brothers meaning he s remained firmly in the closet Until fate plays its hand I ve always wanted you And this might be our only chance There was a tastefully sexy gif here but someone was offended and reported me so I ve had to remove itThe journey Cax and Axel travel was uite lovely despite at times feeling a little insta both are wonderful young men and although real and painful subject matter is tackled it s not heavy or overdone on angst balancing sweet and sexy with heartwarming and heart wrenching I love you you know Even if I m not supposed to Hello Forever is a strong addition to the Hello Goodbye series and reinforces why I Dancing at Armageddon enjoy Sarina Bowen s writing she really does knows how to give her reader a touching romantic story And whilst it couldasily be read as a standalone it was lovely to catch up with Caleb and Josh from Goodbye Paradise I ve loved all these characters the friendships and bonds created have been memorable and I really hope we re treated to Jason s story one day ARC generously provided for an honest and unbiased opinion 4 stars Sarina Bowen writes the best MM romance Hello Forever is a rerelease of the novel Never Over previously published under Bowen s pseudonym Nealy Wagner Hello Forever is in the same universe as the book before it Goodbye Paradise but features different charactersAxel and Cax were sixteen years old when they were caught kissing in the woods at church camp and from that day on they were separated never to see ach other again Years later Axel is considering taking a job in the sports department at a small liberal arts college in Massachusetts when he sees Cax on tv in the audience at that schools basketball game That combined with the fact that he had no *other paying job offers Axel accepts the position and moves thereCax is busy helping out raising his three *paying job offers Axel accepts the position and moves thereCax is busy helping out raising his three brothers After the death of his mother his homophobic father has made it clear Cax won t be allowed anywhere near his brothers if he s gay so he hides himself and pretends to be straight for the sake of his brothers Axel is xcited to reunite with his childhood friend turned crush but Cax proves to be a bit skittish The two begin a tentative friendship but it s hindered by Cax s fears of his father finding out about them What was a happy reunion may not be a happy Composition and Literature ending but it s up to Cax and Axel to figure out a solutionDespite the subject matter this book was much sweeter and less intense than the book before it At the beginning it reminded me a bit of Bowen s other mm romance novel The Understatement of the Year but once it gets going the two grow apart from there This is the romance between a graduate student and a faculty member friends to lovers and second chance romance all wrapped up in oneI live in a liberal bubble and I like to believe that people are accepting of the LGBT community but that s not really the case This book was a good reminder that notveryone is tolerant and can mbrace love and acceptance and my heart went out not only to Cax but to all the other men and women like him who were shunned for who they are I loved reading Cax s journey to himself and I think Axel was the perfect man to help him to itI do wish the relationship between Axel and Cax had been developed a bit we got a glimpse of their past. Six years have passed since the awful day when Axel and Caxton were caught making out in the woods at church camp They were only teenagers then but Axel had been devastated when Cax had cut off all contact with him After that his best friend seemed to vanishSo Axel is astonished to find his first love’s face in the crowd of a college. But I felt it wasn t *enough Without this book borders on the line of instalove but it didn t take *Without that this book on the line of instalove but it didn t take from my njoyment I honestly hope Sarina Bowen never Dark Voices ever stops writing mm romance or stops writing in general She s a go to author for me and has never let me down I urge andncourage you to pick up her books if you haven t yet and you need to make sure you read this one ARC provided by the author in xchange for an honest review Follow me on Facebook Blog Instagram Twitter Beautiful story

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loved it later Review Vanilla Spice Books 4 STARS What are the oddsAxel loves basketball is young single and out of the closet gay and has been offered his dream job at Barmuth University He watches an online stream of one of their Basketball games to decide whether the job being responsible for the sports teams marketing would be a good fit The camera zooms in his yes fall on a familiar face a face from his past And just like that his decision has been madeIf it weren t for his brothers Cax would never have returned into his hometown after graduation but watching over them while they have to live with their abusive father has taken up precedence He works as a teaching assistant at Barmuth and loves watching the basketball games When he realizes that the one guy he Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) ever kissed the one he had to cut out of his life because of his father works and lives in the same town he has an inkling that his life is about to become way complicated Axeldental CaxtastropheAxel is out of the closet and determined to stay there when he moves to a small university town in Massachusetts There isn t a homophobic insult he hasn t heard He is uite comfortable in his own skin sweet andasygoingand terrified of meeting his first love again Their first meeting is awkward but thankfully they uickly fall back into a grown up version of the Creating Country Music easy friendship they had when they were kids Axel isxceedingly patient with Cax and it becomes Blacklands even prominent when he sees with his ownyes that Cax didn t Evolutionary Patterns exaggerate when he told him about his problems Axeldental to Caxtastrophe I m sorry I m sorry that s how it is and I m sorry I made you talk about it And I m really sorry that there isn t some way we can spend time together But at least I understand now why we can t Cax fear is so tangible in this story and it is so understandable His father terrorizes him and has been since that day all those years ago when he kissed Axel Cax brothers meanverything to him he wants them to feel comfortable to contact him when they are in trouble so he needs to make sure that he stays in their lives Which means staying firmly in the closet because his homophobic father threatens that he will never see his family again if he Evolution As Entropy ever finds out that Cax is in a gay relationship Which also means denying himself a life and love It is unfair and infuriatingspecially when you feel the yearning they feel for Forging Gay Identities each other Before Axel came to Henning I d only suspected that my life sucked Now I knew that it truly did It was lovely to see how Cax gained self confidence with Axel s backup how he leaned and on his childhood friend and lover I fist pumped when Cax took charge and went out of his comfort zone to right the wrongs I adored him for being such an amazing brother The trust we had forach other was like a cocoon surrounding the bed If you take a closer look at the two families you see a glaring difference in both of the heroes upbringing Axel s mom is accepting of his sexual orientation On the other hand you have Cax father who has already started to affect his other kids with his homophobia The story shows nicely how tolerance and intolerance is being infused by your upbringing Parents have power and it s up to them to use it wiselySarina Bowen s books are always special They are touching poignant and usually come with a truckload of Forbidden History emotions These two men share a tenderness and love for one another that radiates off the pages I loved that we got to see Josh and Caleb They hold a special place in my heart I also love the world this author has built for us It feels familiar the moment you open the book it s a bit like coming homeWhile this installment didn t uite reach the level of Goodbye Paradise it was still a heartwarming sweet and important story packed in a very uick read with 200 pages Now I am wondering if Sarina will write Jason s book which I will definitely readHello Forever is the second part in the Hello Goodbye series and can be read as a standalone Axel had walked into my life holding a basketball when I wasight And without Fiche Blian ag Fás eve. Basketball game he’s watching on TV at a college which has just offered him a job It’s a thousand miles away in a tiny rural town But suddenly he can’t wait to get thereCax can’t believe hisyes when Axel appears in the same Massachusetts town where he now lives And he’s still just as drawn to Axel as ver But he can’t let. It's Never Over Pay It Forward #2