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She meets a boy from school who just happens to be a hacker a secret warehouse to be a hacker A secret warehouse Of course she ll search the box where her father left the next clue right before the authorities come in She finds a torture chamber Of course there s a flashlight handy for her to explore its every CORNER GWENDOLYN S EVOLUTION FROM POINT A TO POINT Gwendolyn s evolution from point A to point was also a little uneven A little bit f insta bad assery was at play a three week program where you become as dangerous as an undercover Mossad agent How much water do I need to add It was a bit jarring to have that fantastical uality to it juxtaposed with the intense realism How Philosophy Works of where Gwendolyn finds herself in towards the end that it breaks a bitf the spell this has managed to put me underNot that you want the Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows old Gwendolyn back but you have to ask How did we get hereThe inability to choose your next read rush hour traffic that asshole customer service representative you just gotff the phone with that s The Little Book of Comfort our reality Though far from flawless this book mirrors a reality so distant from that it s easier to pretend its all fantasy Where the trafficker will fall in love with the contraband and take her away from all that horror and into the beautiful sunset and have kinky but love filled sex in their HEAs These girls are you know too young I think about it and maybe they have family who miss them I think maybe that redhead wants to be a schoolteacherr something back in Petersburg but now we make her a whore So it does anger you I ask looking for something human in him When I think about it yes Emil smiles That s why I don t think about it So do you want to read this book I lay Dancing on the Ceiling out the accessories any good princess would take for an evening at a fancy dress ball Dove gray satin elbow length gloves made in Paris Black beaded clutch made in Milan Brownish yellow capsulesf rat poison made in North Korea I dunno you tell me ARC provided by JKS Communications thru Netgalley in exchange for an honest unbiased review uotes may not appear in the final editionAlso The Wee Free Men (Discworld, on BookLikes DNF at page 100I was really excited to read this book I thought the premise sounded interesting and author drama aside I went into the book with anpen mind Sadly this wasn t for meI couldn t connect with Gwendolyn She s Kidnapped obviously way smarter than I am but I am 100%n board with that Annnnnd at the same time I think that s where I started to lose Note to self do not read Author is a jerkhttpwwwpublishersweeklycompwby This would be a good solid book with a nice plot and character development if it weren t about a teenaged girl There are no real plot spoilers below though I do point at some specifics in this reviewIt smacks All Quiet on the Western Front of first novelverwritten in some parts slow in the beginning around things and people that don t end up meaning much in my view some parts slow in the beginning around things and people that don t end up meaning much in my view weirdly descriptive about New York in negative ways that are curious and jumping from História do Rei Transparente one setting to another in a confusing way how does the main character get robbedn a train without any description Best Mechanic Ever of how it happened when we are supposed to believe she is facile with self defence soon after It also seems to need an editor as the author s presumed gender and age shows through many times For instance how could a young woman who never really drinks surmise that a wine is from Argentina and describe it s character in specific terms By the same token how does this young woman know so much about so many things in general Maybe it would have been better in third personf some sort That way the political and cultural development Dinosaur Dinners of cities in the Czech Republic could be exposed believably buttherwise how would a 17 year In His Blood old know these thingsI believe that if this were about anlder person and male it would actually be pretty good I liked the story and I liked the ideas and the writing in general but it just isn t believable as it is It s not about the physical stuff it s about the tenor Desert Kings (Deathlands, of the thing would a girl who lost her father be flirting with a boy she doesn t know within the week It s hard to say I guess but the setup and the payoff don t seem logical in many placesThether thing that comes up An Officer and a Spy over andver is a fascination with dystopian future novels the author seems to hate these and She uncovers a disturbing truth To bring her father back alive she must become every bit as cruel as the men holding him captive Taken meets The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo an.

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4 STARSThe hardest part about not believing in God isn t knowing there s no heavenIt s knowing there s no hell The thing with human no heavenIt s knowing there s no hell The thing with human is it has been glamorized beyond recognition in contemporary romance it has started to sound like an appealing way to meet your Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, one true pair Such a horrible reality has been fluffedut by exceptionally attractive kinky and ruthless alpha heroes with a heart Ooko of gold in fiction that it has started to become a selling point in booksThis is not that kindf bookFor readers who have seen the film Taken this is exactly that storyline except it s the daughter who has to find her kidnapped father who turns Naked out to be a CIA field agent With the helpf their former Mossad agent neighbour and a hacker friend seventeen year ld prep school senior Gwendolyn Bloom discovers the truth about her father who just disappeared after A MEETING IN PARIS THE SECRETS THAT HE HARBOURS meeting in Paris The secrets that he harbours her n an elaborate chase across Europe Claim The Crown opening her eyes to a world beyond the comfortsf the Upper East Side that she loathes changing her from a bullied introvert to a creature Nerds of infinite cruelty inrder to save her familyAt its core The Cruelty should be a five star favourite shelf book for me It s 4472 kindle pages with an addictive easy to latch In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, on narrative dragging Gwendolyn in an impossibly adrenaline pumped gruelling adventure with Mossadperatives in Paris prostitutes in Berlin and the Czech Mafia in Prague It takes you to their seedy underbellies the world f desperate refugees and runaways A culture and a civilization Away From Our Own from ur On Such a Full Sea own in an atmospheref abandon hopelessness and decay This is the Paris Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! of the Nigerians who wash the visitors coffee cups the Parisf the Arabs who sell them little Mona Lisa magnets from blankets spread Cannibal outn the curb by the Seine The pace is unrelenting and makes you sorry for that third caffeine cup you had this morning It has Krav Maga taught by a bacon eating Mossad agent Achilles tendons get slashed Balls get kicked numerous times Somebody fires a rocket launcher somewhere in the story I now know it takes two hours to wire transfer money from a Swiss Account four hours from a bank in Seychelles Mastered (The Enforcers, or Cyprus North Korea is apparently good in making two things nukes and rat poison It s that kindf an adventure And like any Man, Son of Man other spy thriller post Cold War this used some well trodden twists employed complex characters with unreliable motives and alliances that makes you uestion everything up to the very end I love the kindf characters this managed to bring to the fore The bad guys were believably evil but the personality given the foot soldiers brought a new complexity to the story Everyone sounds like an extra in Jersey Shore I love it The Eurotrashiness Alter Ego of it all was fresh and convincing adding texture to the already decrepit feelf the novel as a whole The English phrase is slumming it not slamming it I say ver the awful Czech rap blasting through the speakers Fuck do you know You re Russian he says Can I turn down the music That s me That s my album MC Vrah is my name It means like gangster assassin Did you know I was a rapper He s a human trafficker and a sentimental rapist by the wayThe story is told entirely from the POV f Gwendolyn who certainly lived through interesting days but I found in the end I had very little emotional investment to start with Before the story kicked into Robert Ludlum territory what I know f Gwendolyn is that she speaks five languages her mom is dead she likes jazz and she s getting bullied by her rich classmates for being poor Oh and she likes her red Doc Martens because she s a rebel that way I had very little sympathy for her cause in finding her father because not much was established about their relationship The sentimentality is ften ephemeral the emotional foundation Unseen City of the chase shaky and vague Such that this missedn capitalizing Art on certain scenes failing to give me that scratchy feeling in my throat that pinch in the feelsThis will also reuire some suspensionf disbelief some leniency in logic Certain parts God Is in the Crowd of the story were far too convenient for my tastes clues were found a little too easily The day before her father gets kidnapped. When Gwendolyn Bloom's father vanishes she setsff Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard on a journey she never bargained for Traveling under a new identity in a worldf assassins spies and criminal masterminds. ,
Akes at least three instances to point The Matriarchs (The Family out that they exist with a certain amountf disdain I am not sure why is it a dig at the Hunger Games series If it is then it s hard to understand why the author is clearly trying to get the same ball rolling with this character strong girl discovering herself besting adults Notes for the Everlost on the way Once again we see that arebjects male writers in addition although it seems like the is trying to make some point how bad this is She transforms from being a little zaftig into a lean fighting machine which is clearly the desired state for everyone as she is successful when she feels she can use her sexuality to get the job done Is saying it s bad while including some lurid details about human trafficking really avoiding When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) objectifying women I don t think so It makes me wonder howld the author is some No Biggy! of this feels like a boyf 16 gleefully pointing Crush It! out that guns go boom and cars are fast and women have bodies that are differentIn general the abhorrent moral choices the author has his main character take notwithstanding I dont think I would read a seuel let alone a seriesf these Maybe an editor would help Attracting Birds to Your Backyard or maybe it wasriginally written for an Deep Listening older male character and the author changed it to catch somef the lightning in a bottle that Hunger Games type books have struck Bird-by-Bird Gardening on with strong young female characters Too bad I think I would read a follow up in this style but not in this same mold I would rather claw mywn eyeballs The Works of Saint Augustine out Marked as DNF 91916 I agreed to read THE CRUELTY before I even knew about the author controversy when the publisher asked me if I would be interested I truly had no idea what had happened with the author and agreed to read the book since an international mystery sounded right up my alley Still not knowing the drama I managed to read a few chapters before I got that rude awakening I have to say Findingut that an author who wrote a YA book totally puts down YA books in general did I m pretty sure there are plenty morally complicated YA books for me to read so I won t need this Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone one So thanks but no thanks sir I suggest you actually try reading a few YA books before you make a statement such as this I d be happy to give you a listf morally complicated YA books It lost me at the sexist bullshit Also why can t we have a female protagonist who s chubby and does not accept the patriarchy imposed standards My Teacher Is a Robot of beauty Why does she have to become standard beautifully lean throughout her uest Because god help us if less than perfectly thin women are portrayed as being athletic and physically strong note strongmen are all chubby and heavy set they re also the strongest humansn earth because the chub serves to protect the inner Supper Club organs There is no reason why this couldn t have been applied to the protagonistAlso getting cat called and harassed in the street is romantic it seems Can you tell this was written by a man Of course you can When her diplomat father is kidnapped and the US Government is unable to help 17 yearld Gwendolyn Bloom sets Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) off across the sordid underbellyf Europe to rescue him Following the Professional Capital only lead she has the namef a Palestinian informer living in France she plunges into a brutal world Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) of arms smuggling and human trafficking As she journeys from the slumsf Paris to the nightclubs Berlioz, Vol. 2 of Berlin to the heartf the most feared crime family in Prague Gwendolyn discovers that to survive in this new world she must become every bit as cruel as the men she s huntingThe story starts The Middle Sin (Cleo North off very slow for 2 3 chapters and nearly gave up She travels to Paris and she meets and works with Yael the best character in the bookWith the story travelling from New York City to Europe and through cities like Paris Berlin and Prague seeing the underground areasf these cities The book travels through Prague seeing the underground areas The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress of these cities The book travels through a reasonable pace some uite far fetched action scenes not really much tension twistsr gripping storyTo me just an average pace Midnight Fantasies okay book nothing special Not much you can say Over hyped about Three Stars Ah yes you are the chosenne who will elevate the YA genre I mean it s not like your financial success could have anything with your background as an ad executive Men of Steele Bundle or anything. D The Bourne Identity in The Cruelty Scott Bergstrom's action packed debut thrillerptioned for film by Jerry BruckheimerThis program includes a bonus interview with the auth. ,
The Cruelty
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