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I saw a few others reading this one for Swoon Fest and realized it had been way too long since I had read it myself I PUT THE KIDS TO BED AND the kids to bed and up my copy and had a hard time putting it down I love fairytale retellings and Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites I thought McClure did a great job of creating her own version but keeping with the spirit of the original I liked Couette s character and thought her relationship with the Lord of Roanan was fun to read This story contained two of my favorite plot points lost love and marriage of convenience I thought their relationship had a lot of different levels and it was fun to watch their feelings change and grow I did feel bad about her relationship with her family especially her father I have a very close relationship with my father and it was sad to see Couette s dad be so cold and et try and portray a loving father His selfishness was sickening Overall a fun retelling and love story ContentRomance Clean just some passionate kissing Violence Mild 52213 Getting in my weekly dose of McClure Love the brooding heroic men111212Wow I think this is my favorite retelling of Beauty and the Beast Who wouldn t love a good looking beast retelling of Beauty and the Beast Who wouldn t love a good looking beast was unable to really sit down and savor this book due to traveling Read pages here and there I ll have to read it again straight through as all Marcia books should be read oFive thumbs up great stuffMoral Note Passionate kisses mild violence I really liked this book It is a Beauty and the Beast take off It totally worked for me I loved all of the trickery that goes on uotesPg239 I must atone he said You can not simply say it is past Not with such scars carried as proof of it Scars are but evidence of life she said Evidence of choices to be learned fromevidence of wounds wounds inflicted of mistakes wounds we choose to allow the healing of We likewise choose to see them that we may not make the same mistakes again For such wounds to heal forgiveness is reuired he said One of the points in this book that I really liked was that both of the characters lost the love of their life Yet one chose to continue to endure while the other literally became a beast I love the fact that no one can ever take away our way of thinking Marcia Lynn McClure s books always have this effect on me I start them feeling perfectly normaland finish them with the books always have this effect on me I start them feeling perfectly normaland finish them with the s biggest grin on my face sniffling over how beautiful love isHer books are the best romance novels ever And a re telling of Beauty the Beast What s not to love I love beauty and the Beast themed books I enjoyed the story for the most part. With the sea at its side the beautiful township of Bostchelan was home to many including the lovely Couette de Bellamont her three sisters and beloved father In Bostchelan Couette knew happiness and as much contentment as a Alter Ego young woman whose heart had been brokenears before could know Thus Couette dwelt in gladness until the day her father returned fro. .
A bit repetitive for my taste however But what really put a negative spin on the book were the kissing Scenes The Word Moist Was the word moist was way to much and in my minds eye all I could picture was wet slobbery drooling uck I ve read a ton of historical romance novels in my life but have never read any with kisses uite described like these I had attempted to read this author before but the book I chose had a whiny Heroine so I didn t finish it My understanding is this Author uses the word moist in her other novels which is very off putting for me the accumulation of moisture in the Mouth Right Before You Kiss right before ou kiss sounds icky It made me laugh Again it could just be me This was a fun re telling on Beauty and the Beast It was of course clean and I for some reason I loved the name Valor I think I might tell Moroni that if we ever end up with a boy that this will be his name I mean Valor Millsdoesn t it have a ring to it The Whispered Kisssigh One of those books that Uncommon Wisdom you find randomly on and can t help but start reading the sample One of those books thatou know Unseen City you must immediately buy after reading said sample One of those booksou can t put down once Art you ve got it One of those books so passionate and romantic it makesour heart all warm and wonder just where God Is in the Crowd your own knight in shining armour is One of those booksou ll certainly re read one of these days The Whispered Kiss is a sort of Beauty and the Beast re telling and it was incredibly well done The beast itself was not an ugly physically deformed man but one of the hottest heroes I have ever had the pleasure to encounter He is of the hottest heroes I have ever had the pleasure to encounter He is beast however so bitter angry and broken by lost love as he was His heroine the beautiful candid and innocent Couette de Bellamont is also a woman who encountered the pains of lost love when the hand of Valor Lionhardt LOVE THAT NAME was denied to her by her father Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard years ago But unlike the dark Lord of Roanan the beast she did not turn to resentment and hate but rather to hope and forgiveness Thumbs up Couette I loved her she was amazingThe story was incredibly passionate Valor and Couette were so in love with each other it was just breathtakingly beautiful But they both had fears and secrets to overcome before they could hope to reach a perfect state of happiness together The scenes between them never went beyond passionate kisses andes I can clearly see why McClure is nicknamed The ueen of Kissing I just wished she would have stopped using adjectives such as moist and hisher mouth watered at the thought of himher It was justgahh too much water but I found there was a lot of it and. M his travels with an astonishing tale to tell Antoine de Bellamont returned from his travels by way of Roanan bearing a tale of such great adventure to hardly be believed Further at the center of Antoine's story loomed a man the dark Lord of Roanan Known for his cruel nature heartlessness and tendency to violence the Lord of Roanan had accused Antoine .
There was also a lot of talk of consummating the marriage and producing heir and I WILL have my heir aka I WILL have sex with ou but the actual word sex was never mentioned So I am very thankful to Marcia Lynn McClure for that And for gifting her hero with amazing if impossible sexual restraint He had himself so well in control in that respect that it was practically impossibleview spoiler I mean they ve been married for MONTHS and he loves her so much but he simply WILL NOT consummated the marriage without her consent But they still kiss passionately in a locked room and it s like wow HOW does he Not Succumb To Temptation And succumb to temptation and all the way A real gentleman at heart ladies hide spoiler Long has Beauty the Beast been one of my favorite fairy tales I can t even count the number of times I ve seen Disney s animated version of the story Of course anyone who knows me knows I love fairy telling retellings Marcia Lynn McClure so it s probably no surprise that I fell in love with Marcia s versionI picked up the book The Whispered Kiss not knowing it was A Beauty The Beast Retelling Beauty the Beast retelling I started I actually thought this might be the first book by Marcia Lynn McClure that I didn t love It took me 50 pages to be hooked by her version of the story But once through those first few chapters I fell in love with this retelling Loved her dark hearted beast and couldn t help but smile with the turn of the chaliceAnother fabulous book that I wouldn tcouldn tdidn t put down until I d finished Marcia is such a great author when I just want something fun light and silly romantic to lay in a tub and read She keeps it so clean and et Notes for the Everlost you still blush all the way threw some of her kissing scene s She is very repetitive in her books witch drives me a little crazy sometimes but this was ok It is the retelling of beauty and the Beast in it s own way 45 StarsWhat a beautiful retelling of the Beauty and the Beast Note This is a fairy tale retelling don t expect the charactersevents to be strictly logical Also the writing is a bit old timey exaggerated Justgo along with the flow I promiseou ll enjoy itNow I know why the author is called the ueen of Kissing The writing is swept off When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) your feet passionate emotive beautiful andet the protagonists never go beyond kissing The author knows just how to elevate the power of a romantic scene using kisses chapter 8 has one of the most heart wrenching scenes and I was bawlingThat being said the writing needed a little editing in places If I d had taken a drink at the mention of mouth watering for kisses or excess moisture I d been roaring drunk by no. E Bellamont of wrong doing and demanded recompense Antoine had promised recompense would be paid with the hand of his oungest daughter in marriage Thus Couette found herself lost thrust onto a dark journey of her own This journey would find her carried away to Roanan Manor delivered into the hands of the dark and mysterious Lord of Roanan who dominated. .