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Past Tense

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45Jack Reacher is back and tougher than ever And as anticipated big trouble seems to be hot on his trailOnce again Jack Reacher is traveling along the back 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life roads of America His way of avoiding unwanted attention Hitch hiking is aoll of the dice NOW AVAILABLEThis is the second book by Lee Child that I have ead and I definitely enjoyed this one than the other which was The Midnight Line I liked the dual storyline which converges later on in the story However I did feel that the one with Reacher in it looking into did feel that the one with Reacher in it looking into family tree to be uite slow moving and a bit dry The second story line with the two young people stranded finally at a than creepy motel was the most interesting in the bookI like my characters well drawn and I think Mr Child did a great job in helping me get to know Patty and Shorty and how they are hoping to set up a shop in Florida with the help of whatever is in that extremely heavy suitcase which they are unwilling to part with even when their lives are at stake They have stopped at a motel during their cross country travels and this ends up to be the most incredibly wrong decision they have ever made The motel in uestion is being un by one of the most depraved and money hungry bunch of g Lee Child eturns with another Reacher adventure that takes things down some untraversed pathways particularly interesting for series fans When Jack Reacher sets out for California he has high hopes about this journey However early during the trek he ends up having to get out along the oad in *New Hampshire Where A * Hampshire where a sign attles in the wind The town of Laconia triggers a memory for Reacher which he soon ecollects is Stan Reacher s place of birth a father who taught him the steely ways of Marine life Armed with a great deal of curiosity and all the time in the world Reacher ventures towards the outskirts of Laconia Liaising with some of the locals Reacher begins piecing together some of his family history at least until his father fled to join the Marines at the age of seventeen However there are some who want nothing than to chase him out of town possibly because of his name but surely also due to the fact that Reacher is never one to hold is tongueor a punch to the face Meanwhile in another part of town two Canadians arrive in their beat up vehicle and hope to only pass through though a group of men who un the local motel may have other ideas As they soon learn Laconia New Hampshire is than just a dot on the map but how do they play into the larger narrative With Reacher discovering a great deal about his ancestors and being part of a larger dust up he could be the only hope for those looking to forget all about this community What Reacher secrets have been buried for over seventy years and how will this opportune visit ch. Jack Reacher plans to follow the autumn sun on an epic oad trip across America from Maine to California He doesn't get far On a country oad deep in the New England woods he sees a sign to a place he has never been the town where his father was born He thinks what's one extra day He takes the det. ,
Ange the dynamic for the decades to come Child does a wonderful job in creating a strong story and keeping the eader enthralled Recommended to series fans who want to see yet another uniue angle to this ever evolving collectionI know some people have ead and eviewed this book feeling that it is missing an essential piece of the Reacher puzzle I on the other hand constantly marvel at how Lee Child has been able to take a nomadic protagonist and always find new ways to inject life and excitement into his life Jack Reacher has seen it all in his years but there Has Always Been That Missing Gap In His Past Born always been that missing gap in his past Born And Having Traveled As Part having traveled as part a Marine family Jack Reacher never knew his grandparents and did not hear speak of them His father Stan left as soon as he could get out and never came back Now Jack is able to peel back the mystery and learn a little about young Stan as well as the people he would call grandparents As he delves a little deeper Reacher finds family members who tell an interesting tale that will surely help shape this nomadic man as he continues his treks across America The secondary story offers some interesting characters as well two young twenty somethings who are unknowingly trapped in town by a group of young men They become guinea pigs to a plan that they could not have foreseen Child offers some interesting storylines elated to these two helping to shed the Canadian passivity as soon as things get hellish The story was uite well supported using the typical moseying Reacher before adding the element of personal connection for the man and helping the series fan to learn a great deal while also noticing Reacher s typical ough
Cut Personality There May Be 
personality There may be wonderful nuggets on which Child can build in novels to come which I hope continue This is one series that I have found does not lose its momentum as it continues as Child mixes past and present storylines in novels to better understand Reacher While it may seem trivial as a long time audiobook listener of the series I have come to discover that Child seems overly connected to the word said when tying off dialogue While it seems minor to hear he said she saidhe said epeatedly during a dialogue makes for some mundane verbal tennis that can grate on the listener s nerves after a time As I said before this seems to be a constant in books On the note of audiobooks I was so pleased to see Scott Brick at the helm and hope that he might be the new voice of Reacher who suits it as well as Dick Hill did in novels past What s next for Lee Child and Jack Reacher I suppose we will have to wait but hopefully not too longKudos Mr Child for wonderful story writing I know you have many ideas brewing and I cannot wait to see what twists you will toss into your novel. OurAt the very same moment close by a car breaks down Two young Canadians are trying to get to New York City to sell a treasure They are stranded at a lonely motel in the middle of nowhere It's a strange place but it's all there isThe next morning in the city clerk's office Reacher asks about the.
Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family Blue Moose The Sky Weaver (Iskari,
S and short storiesLovehate the eview An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge Oh how I love this Jack Reacher seriesI ve always felt the thinking of timing speed Movement Seuences And Assessments Was Reacher S seuences and assessments was Reacher s previous books I know Reacher has that internal clock and he just knows what time it is And he pictures how things work out before taking action In this book I began to think that those types of thoughts were being applied to some of the other characters I found myself wondering if it was because there were spoilery things that I won t mention going on with the characters Then it occurred to me that maybe this was eally Lee Child s thinking and it was leaking out to other characters thoughts and behaviors I was a bit dismayed to think Reacher wasn t the only one thinking like this and I don t know how I feel about thatReacher is in Laconia New Hampshire his father s home town or so he always said He decides to see the old homestead and visits some local agencies asking for help in finding it A second plot line involves two Canadians Patty and Shorty getting caught up in a situation that I eally hope doesn t occur in eal life It took most of the book to bring these two plot lines together but all hell breaks loose after thatI eventually became very fond of Patty and Shorty after initially thinking they were being pretty stupid I eally liked the search for Reacher s father s history It got me thinking about his familyI think it was in the very first book that we met Reacher s brother Joe Didn t he work for the federal government in some capacity We know his mother was a French woman and her name was Josephine I emember a previous book where Reacher visited her in France but I don t emember why he went and I don t emember the title of the book There was also a 5 short story when Reacher was a kid and they lived on a base in Okinawa where his father
Was Stationed We Really Have 
stationed We eally have had much information about Reacher s father until now Are there any other mentions of his family history that I ve missed I eally enjoyed Jack Reacher s latest foray into the world So much so that I could not stop eading and knocked off most of it in one afternoon One of the best in the series to dateThere are a number of story lines going on in this one and a lot of characters some good and some eally bad as usual Also as usual Jack manages to get caught up in several different issues and has to fight his way out He also discovers some amazing details about his own genealogy which he takes much calmly than I think I wouldAll the usual action plenty of dead bodies some very nasty baddies and a great story What can we ask for Thank you Mr Child and keep up the good work please. Old family home He's told no one named Reacher ever lived in that town He knows his father never went back Now he wonders was he ever there in the first placeSo begins another nail biting adrenaline fuelled adventure for Reacher The present can be tense but the past can be worse That's for damn su.

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