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Of each other and Laurie Forest still ills it with the way she describes the lay of the land in this world and her character s placement in it That being said I unfortunately felt the bite of the dreaded sopho slump with this one and would be remiss if I didn t cover the aspects I struggled with as well First things is first What happened to the university setting from the first book In The Black Witch Elloren s studies and her inability to master them were uite prominent throughout I think there were maybe 2 scenes th 25 starsDNF at 33 %So not the rating I thought I was going to be giving this book I was pretty sure that this would have been a 5 star boy was I wrong Gorgeous cover though so that s something To start off I m not giving this 1 star despite having dnf d it because I only save 1 stars for books I really did not like And I just didn t care for Iron Flower it s not a bad book but it isn t a book for me unfortunately The Black Witch was though so I honestly have no idea how the book went from that to thisSo let me summarize this book for youOh Yvan Oh Lucas Oh Yvan Let me make out with Lucas But Yvan is so beautiful But I can t have him Oh Lucas blah blah blerhhh In other words ya fantasy is dead because ya romance has illed it RIP The entirety of 33 percent of the book that I read was filled with Elloren wishing she was with Yvan Elloren thinking that Yvan is beautiful Yvan glaring at Elloren with passion Elloren making out with Lucas Elloren thinking how she can t have Yvan You got the idea If romance overload and love triangle tropes are your jam you will love this book Me I loathe those things For a book that s 608 pages long 33 percent is not little so for nothing to happen in those 33 percent is really mind boggling That s why I just had to give up reading I couldn t care less about the romance or Elloren as a main character and with plot going absolutely nowhere and telling us nothing new even Diana what little of her was there couldn t save this book for me Which is really sad because I was so sure that I d have loved this So what happened The Black Witch despite rising a storm of stupid controversy was a wonderful and engaging book Sure the romance was still there but other things than made up for it I read Black Witch in 1 day That s 608 pages in 24 hours people and it isn t a small feat The Black Witch had a story it was a beginning a new chapter in life for Elloren she was sheltered she was naive she was bullied and she had to go out there and find her truth And she did and it was beautiful The Iron Flower focused on which character was in love with which character what material her dress was made of and how many times can Yvan stare at her without Elloren bursting into flames of passion There was very little substance unfortunately in it for me The writing also got very repetitive there was a lot of shivering glaring drawing a breath and in general the descriptions were over explained an drawn out The ending of The Black Witch had a huge cast of characters and they were all present almost immediately here without any throwbacks really so it was hard to remember who was who at first I m sure the book gets better and some things do happen eventually I just don t have any patience to wait around for thatBig thanks to NetGalley and Harleuin Teen for providing me with a digital arc of the book All opinions are my own honest and come from the heart My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG 199 Kindle sale today June 14 2020 if you re interested in YA fantasy with love triangles25 stars I ve been VERY slow about getting this full review written probably because I just wasn t terribly excited by this seuel to The Witch but I just wasn t terribly excited by this seuel to The Black Witch but it Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureWhen Laurie Forest s debut YA fantasy novel The Black Witch was published in 2017 there was a massive explosion of outrage in the Twitterverse and elsewhere online Accusations of various types of prejudice racism albeit based on fantasy races homophobia white saviorism ableism lookism and were hurled against it In my opinion those charges were unfair and based on a superficial reading of the text missing the fact that the main character s prejudices were clearly being shown as unthinking bias and bigotry and in fact she does very gradually change her thinking over the course of the book Still I m sure it was stressful for the author so my assumption going into this seuel was that Forest likely probably worked overtime to make sure The Iron Flower wouldn t offend anyone It will come as no surprise to anyone that this assumption was correct Unfortunately what remains after the controversial elements have been removed is a run of the mill romantic fantasyAs The Iron Flower begins Elloren Gardner and her friends at the University in the country of Verpacia have joined the Resistance an underground group that seeks to undermine the Gardnerian conuest of neighboring lands and their violent bigotry toward other races Elloren is one of the privileged Gardnerians but with one brother who s gay forbidden sexual orientation and another who s fallen in love with a werewolf forbidden mixing of races and a set of friends that includes numerous other races she s now fully committed to battling Gardnerian oppression in all its formsIt doesn t hurt that Elloren is also falling in love with or at least crushing hard formsIt doesn t hurt that Elloren is also falling in love with or at least crushing hard Yvan a Keltic young man who alternates between gazing at Elloren longingly and pushing her away for reasons he refuses to divulge At the same time Elloren is still having mixed feelings about Lukas Grey the hot Gardnerian military commander that her powerful Aunt Vyvian has been pushing her to wandfast with the Gardnerian version of marriage Elloran has never had any magical power but Lukas is certain that locked within her is the tremendous power of the Black Witch of prophecyThe first half of The Iron Flower is slowish and muddled and I ept bogging down and setting it aside Every moment that Elloren isn t being OUTRAGED by the social injustices of her society she s obsessing about her feelings for Yvan or dithering about and Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue kissing Lukas Lukas is aware of Elloren s rebellious leanings but still wants her even though he doesn t believe in love Also unless you remember all of the secondary and minor characters from The Black Witch you re going to find the large cast of characters confusingIn the second half of the book the plot finally snaps into focus and things get interesting The most intriguing character by far was Lukas who turns out to have some unanticipated depths However the ending is if not exactly a cliffhanger very much just a mid story stopping place with the overarching plot left unresolved More problematic Forest s writing style is basic and she uses first person present tense narration which tends to come across as amateurish in less skilled handsIf you were an enthusiastic fan of The Black Witch then you ll likely enjoy The Iron Flower though you may need to push yourself through the slower paced first half If you despised The Black Witch because Elloren was prejudiced in so very many ways you can at least rest assured that she s now fully wokeI received a free copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley Thank you. Nearness seems to awaken a destructive power inside her Elloren finds it and difficult to believe that she’s truly powerless as her uncle always claimedCaught between her growing feelings for the rebellious Yvan Guriel and the seductive power offered by Lukas Grey Elloren must find a way to stay true to what shenows is right and protect everyone she loveseven if that means protecting them from herself. ,

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Mean about the ironyWhat Lukas and Elloren have going on the challenge they are for each other is so much interesting than whatever will they won t they dance Elloren is doing with Yvan How is Lukas not our love interest Unfortunately at this point it seems Lukas is a tragic character doomed to an unhappy ending I m seriously hoping his story doesn t continue on that way but I guess we ll see He s the one redeeming thing about this book It d be a waste to The Man Without a Face kill him off Busy editing The Iron Flower today very excited to share the continuing story with you all in 2018 thank you to all my readers for so much support and enthusiasm for this series and its anti prejudice message grateful and I can t wait to share the cover with you June 24th I finally wrote my reviewYou can read the full thing on my blog HEREne 23rdI just finished this after devouring the final 300 pages today This is sooooo good and it makes me so so sad that people are not reading this series due to Lots of Reader Issues a couple years ago with The Black Witch BUT ANYWAYS The Iron Flower is such a fantastically beautiful book and so many SHOCKERS that I was dumbfounded Laurie Forest really just blew it out the water with this one so so so great and I can t wait till it s released into the world 3RTC ne 16thFINALLY GET TO START THIS YES SO PUMPED HOORAY ne 4thThank you Harleuin Teen for sending me an ARC I m so so so excited to read this and to go through this fantastic world This book is thicc and I pray it s as great as The Black Witch XD I really enjoyed this seuel to The Black Witch the controversial YA fantasy book that explores racism by way of a world filled with many races such as Urisks Lupines Kelts Fae Icarals etc who all have their own prejudices against each other In the first book we saw a young girl overcome the ignorance she was raised with and learn to be better In this seuel we see tensions rise in Verpacia and a need for the Resistance to act Elloren finds herself torn between Lukas Grey and Yvan What an adventureI don t want to dive deep into the plot This is a 600 page book like the first so there is a lot to unpack in these pages In ways it reminds me of Harry Potter in that way where the books have so much that happen within them and there is the boarding school setting It s a nice similarity to have while also being completely it s own storyThe writing flows nicely maintaining a steady pace throughout There are times the action ramps up a bit which is nothing but exciting The characters are well written Some of the side characters are developed a bit in this seuel The romance is a bit prominent here than in the first In fact a love triangle begins to ensueI loved getting a chance to explore the world Forest created even here I loved the choices characters made and the side journeys they went on The way this one ends has me anxiously waiting the seuel The pace really picked up at the end ramping up to the big twist leaving me dying tonow what happens nextOverall if you enjoyed The Black Witch you ll enjoy this seuel I am really loving how this series is turning out Blog Bookstagram Twitter ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley for a for a fair reviewElloren Gardner and her friends continue to help the resistance against the Gardnerian government as they encounter and social injustices Each time they feel like they make any progress their hopes are suashed again and again as all hell breaks loose with the power Gardneria gets in Verpacia Story Okay so I think if you liked the first book you will really like this one Despite how dense this book was I gobbled it all upTaking off pretty much where it left off in the first book Eloren s character learns and about what s wrong about her people and religion Meanwhile she and everyone else is just trying to survive Like the first this book brings out a lot of real life prejudices and social problems that is intricately woven into a fantasy settingIf you re like me and like a good love triangle then strap in This book takes the confusion emotions of attraction and not only eeps Elloren confused triangle then strap in This book takes the confusion emotions of attraction and not only eeps Elloren confused what she should do but draws out the romance through the entire book I was strangling my book and screaming KISS ALREADY Because I ship so much And Forest Has Made Forest has made seem so ridiculously sexy If you read it you will Gone (Gone, know what I m talking aboutWhile I had a lot of theories about how the book would end I did have one lingering in my mind that had me thinking I freakingnew it Poor Solomon had to put up with all my reaction snapchats and theories throughout my day World Building This book has such detailed world building Not only do we get a descriptive look at the surrounding world but palpable magic that affects Elloren in a way that gets my heart racingIn this second book we get a closer look at some of the other races lives Selkies and Amaz people really stand out as they are major factors in this book and each race has such a diverse look at the world religion and politics As the series progresses I am eager to look into the difference races that hold a part of this world I follower Laurie on Instagram and oh my she s going to bring in some dryads into the next book and the imagery she spotlighted was so amazing I seriously cannot wait will they be friend or foeThe Characters Elloren had such a major character ARC in the first book that it s hardly noticeable in this one As she comes to understand about how she feels we get a stronger understanding to her sense of justice She is and willing to go to the extreme to protect her friends and family that despite her naivet you really want someone as fierce as her in your lifeWhat I love about these books is that each of the characters have their own prejudices and hurdles to jump in regards to each other But as they encounter their difficulties they learn to band together and hold affection for each other so that they can support each other through their individual tribulations See this review and like it on BookbastionnetYou might remember that last year I championed really hard for a little young adult debut fantasy book called The Black Witch which was being unfairly lampooned by some overzealous eyboard warriors on Twitter who hadn t even bothered to read the book before judging it Well I read the book and I became pretty passionate about defending it because it turns out it was actually a pretty decent read with a subtext about the importance of inclusion if you gave it a chance and didn t judge it without reading I will defend that book and my decision to read it and the fact that I enjoyed it a great deal until my dying day So when I remembered that The Iron Flower Laurie Forest s followup to her debut novel was hitting shelves this October I ran out out to greet it with a fervor I reserve only for my most anticipated reads of the yearIn the regards of finally getting to catch up with Elloren and Yvan s story and place in this uniue fantasy landscape definitely didn t disappoint If you were a fan of the high fantasy landscape and vivid imagery put on display in the first book you absolutely will not be let down revisiting that here The world is still uite well realized in its various cultures and the ways that they play off. The Western RealmWith tensions heating up in Verpacia and Gardnerian soldiers continue to descend upon the universityled by none other than Lukas Grey now commander of the newly rebuilt Fourth Division base Though Elloren tries to eep him at arm’s length Lukas is determined to wandfast to her convinced that she has inherited her grandmother’s magic the prophesied power of the Black Witch As his very. I was lucky enough for NetGalley and Harleuin Teen to approve me for this ARC in exchange for an honest reviewHoly Jesus I did not see that twist coming I still can t even fully process what just happened and I m so upset that I have so long to read the next one You can t just leave a girl hanging like thatOkay let my try and reign myself in here The Iron Flower in my opinion is even better than The Black Witch it s still very very heavy handed in it s ideals and such but that s the whole point of this series and it s making it s point very well nown The characters are flushed out so well that I honestly feel like they could be real Even the side characters are well developed The first one was about Ren overcoming what her people had always told her seeing the other people as just that people This one leans towards the romance swoon Yven and her helping the resistance This book made me cry laugh pump my fist into he air scream and even at the end blew my mind The writing is fine detailed wonderfully the pace is also much better than the first I don t feel there s any parts that drag Overall I can t wait to see what happens to Elloren next because she s got her plate full now 45 Stars Cannot be read as a standaloneI want to cry right nowI want to cry because the next book isn t available yetThe Iron Flower is even better than the first book All the characters are wonderfully written and the relationship between Elloren and Yvan is so heartfelt This story is dark and ugly High Priest Marcus Vogel rules the land and plans on purifying the race and conuering neighboring territories It isn t safe anywhere and Elloren and her diverse group of friends have to face terrible events Although Elloren is powerless she is stronger wiser and braver than before She proves to people that she is not like her murderous grandmother and makes a lasting impression on everyone she meets This story is a hot mess the best ind of course and I can t wait for the next book If you liked the first chances are you ll like the seuel It carries on in the same vein as the first with predictable plot progression but an unfortunate lack of character growth Grammatically I have zero issues The book was actually very well written I didn t have any hang ups that pulled me out of the story And story wise the characters and plot are consistent with what was established in The Black Witch and I Untitled. know there s a fairly large audience that liked it and won t be disappointed I had my fingers crossed for the seuel hoping that the series would improve as in make the characters likable Spoiler alert superstitions won t save you here And that cover was so beautiful too sighThe target audienceIf you like romantic tropes with a helpless yet simultaneously powerful heroine who obsesses over a boy a love triangle and a hate to not yet love romance talking to you Twilight fans then this book may be for you The plot drags but these tropes may pull you through the slow bits if you thrive on thatind of thing Maybe if I weren t so annoyed be Elloren and so bored with Yvan I could ve appreciated the predictabilitySpoilers aheadEllorenMy largest complaint is our protag Elloren And she is my largest complaint because I m stuck behind her POV the whole story which is torture because I fricken hate her It s like being strapped in a chair with my eyes pinned open watching Twilight on repeat I m not saying this is an euivalent of Twilight because the stories are definitely not the same but there are enough similarities between Bella and Elloren for me to see them as eually frustrating Elloren literally obsesses over Yvan the whole book And the same circle of thoughts go through her head on repeat Here s the condensed version Why is Yvan cold and distant We should be together He has feelings for me I now it We can t be together it s impossible We should be together sad puppy dog eyes Also Yvan bores me You could ve switched him with a cardboard cutout of bearded Chris Evans and I would ve been infinitely interested His whole hot and cold thing is annoying But Elloren annoys me too so I guess they re a perfect matchAnd she s written to be so perfect but still the object of so much contempt Can she not do anything wrong She s inhuman both flawless and yet victimized She s
"Bambi And Two Beautiful Men "
And two beautiful men vying for her affection In the words of Heath Ledger What is it with this chick she have beer flavored nipplesSupporting charactersComplaint number 2 her surrounding cast is essentially a ploy to make Elloren likable Apparently I should feel sorry towards Elloren because she s descended from the powerful Black Witch earning the instant hatred of the good guys They attempt to put her in the underdog position as she s an outcast among the cool ids but the story is telling me to like the cool ids since they re cruel because they ve been persecuted unfairly so how the heck do I get over that paradox I m supposed to like bigots I get they ve been through a lot but it doesn t make their prejudice OK But they only exist to make Elloren the martyr so really they re pointlessAnd Elloren s response to the haters Cue sad puppy dog eyes AGAIN because apparently she can t feel the irony of her situation Does she have to be nice to everyone It s like she s a Disney princess and can t act human ZERO instinct for self preservation She s nice to everyone except for the one guy that "everyone hates she ll willingly hate him too She can t think for " hates she ll willingly hate him too She can t think for can t relate to her No defiance no petty behavior she just absorbs the hate I can t relate I d ick em in the shins She deals with being the victim of racism over and over again and yet she panders to the people who judge her How can you tell me she s a strong character book I m not buying itOh and her cursed heritage that she s struggling to overcome comes with a large amount of untapped power so I m supposed to feel sorry for her again Um what Don t get how that works Apparently she s simultaneously the underdog and the top dog I m drowning in the inconsistenciesPlotAs far as the plot goes meh I didn t care about the story It dragged me from place to place showing me characters that I was supposed to care about but couldn t There s plenty of drama but it just felt like Super Bowl halftime show never uite lives up to what you re anticipating and you could ve been watching Friends reruns insteadThe ONLY Compelling CharacterThe Only compelling characterThe only I felt myself caring about was Lukas a flawed character with hidden potential that goes undeveloped He pursues Elloren partly because her untapped power can boost his own abilities selfish motivation hello someone relatable Lukas and Elloren can t lie to each other because plot magic so he s up front about his disbelief in love and his ambition but he also has a strong attraction to her and they ve got chemistry that develops into something deeper at least on his side You get the impression he s confused about his feelings which I get I d be confused too if I had feelings for Elloren You see his internal struggle throughout the book and notice his moral progress even if Elloren is blind to it again frustrating Out of all people Elloren should be the one to recognize that Lukas isn t what everyone thinks he is see what Elloren Gardner and her friends were only seeking to right a few wrongs but their actions have propelled them straight into the ranks of the realm wide Resistance against Gardnerian encroachment As the Resistance struggles against the harsh rulings of High Priest Marcus Vogel and the Mage Council Elloren begins to realize that none of the people she cares about will be safe if Gardneria seizes control of. The Iron Flower