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The Man Without a Face kOthers he is than willing to finance the destruction of a certain wall crawling nuisance And The Sinister Six such as they are can be useful to his plans However there is one slight issue One member of the Six uentin Blake otherwisenown as Mysterio has his own plans for revenge But against who or what and how are his victims connected Can Spider Man connect the dots and save Mysterio s targets before they become any personal than they already have Especially given the Hollywood connections to said crimes Not to mention Mary Jane s latest big action picture Fatal Action 4 Spidey only has a matter of days and the clock is ticking This is definitely a fun listen It very much feels like a true Spider Man story managing to balance the superheroics with Spidey s civilian life as Peter Parker Mary Jane feels very much like her classic self with a definite bite to her when needed Especially when the story becomes personal to her Alongside MJ we have some entertaining appearances by J Jonah J My actual

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is 35 is the first book of a trilogy It is a book that takes place in the Marvel Universe Even Though The Title Even though the title this would concern the Sinister Six they are the minor storyline This story concentrates on Mysterio and his plans to revenge on those who he believed that have wronged him in the past Our favorite wall crawler plans to stop himThis was an enjoyable read and this author has penned several books in this universe and I have not read a bad one from him This has all the earmarks on would expect from this type of book It has other beloved characters from this world name dropping that connects it to other Marvel characters the funny uips which is a trademark of our main character and plenty of action The only reason I did not give this a higher rating is a personal one I have never been a fan of Mysterio but with that being said this book does entertainThis book does what it is suppose to do It is not great literature but I satisfies the comic book fan inside me From the references to pop culture to fantastic images Spidey battling mechanical sharks this book satisfies and this trilogy only gets better as I have already read the other two books and they were terrific Superhero comic book stories are straight up bonkers I m not sure how I haven t really noticed this before especially after seeing Alan Moore deconstruct them so well in Supreme but when an author summarizes all the events that have happened to all the events that have happened to given character when introducing them in his story it gives attention to it I mean Razorback the character should be a clue but when you find out he went to space and fought Thanos well sometimes I m a little denseI think part of what Castro was doing with this novel was highlighting just how ridiculous the stories are His own story uses Mysterio an ex special effects creator who goes on a crime spree after being shunned by the movie industry who isn t uite as ridiculous as Razorback but still crosses that line as his plots get and elaborate and and unbelievableI read the book because I like what I ve read by Castro and in the sense of it being an engaging intriguing story I wasn t disappointed It reads like a comic book story which is fine since that s what it should be Spider Man it s just odd to see it all written out in a narrative style because that somehow makes the incredulous seem even MORE incredulous I m not sure if I ve ever actually read a prose version of an actual comic character which wasn t a novelization of a film I read the original Superman novel back in the 70s but I love Ulture Electro Mysterio and the Gentleman's mysterious ward Pity But Mysterio the master of illusion has a plan of his own A num. ,
Spider Man The Gathering of the Sinister Six Spider ManThis is the first book in the Sinister six trilogy It s about how this criminal mastermind nown as the Gentlemen tries to assemble the afore mentioned Sinister Six while at the same time Mysterio wrecks havoc on various movie related places such as sets movie theatres and Etc This book was great because it gave you a glimpse into what happens in the Superhero s life without straying too far from the points that we are use to I don t want to completely ruin what happens Because it has enough twists and turns to eep the readers in suspense Unlike in some other superhero licensed things it doesn t throw in elements that throw off the counter balance of the story Another cool thing about this book is that it has a cartoon panel at that beginning of each chapter to give it that Comic book feel As a fan of Super Heroes it made this already great book even better I must say that Mr Castro did a great job of capturing the very essence of the well nown web head and his friend s and enemies alike This one joins my Blockbuster Book Club I ve grown up watching the alike This one joins my Blockbuster Book Club I ve grown up watching the Man animated series and I thought I should give this book a try However it takes on a darker feel than the shows featuring the web slinger This book had certain elements that are completely different from the animated series but still a good plotAn old friend of Mary Jane s has died and a lot of people are saddened However Mysterio appears at the funeral and mocks the man attempting to murder the people on the site but is stopped by Spider Man Mary Jane decides to take part in an action movie being filmed in New York and Spider Man works to stop Mysterio before he causes any trouble However unknown to the web slinger a mysterious person nown as the Gentleman has However unknown to the web slinger a mysterious person Threads Of The Shroud known as the Gentleman has the Chameleon with a serious task The gathering of some of Spider Man s strongest and deadliest foes for a teamnown as the Sinister Six Although the story s plot was good I felt that it was a little dark after growing up seeing Spider Man on the little screen Kids who like this hero might not like how much serious the characters are in the story although the book has all of Spidey s humor and witty lines However after reading this book I ve decided to stick with the Spider Man I grew up seeing on television The following review was published in the online newspaper The Orkney News in March 2020 Link here The Gathering Of The Sinister Six by Adam Troy CastroHello again to my readers I think it s time I return to the realm of auditory superheroes So why don t I bring us back to the friendly neighbourhood Spider Man Unlike last time with Spider Man The Darkest Hours this isn t an adaptation of a comic book storyline but as far as I can make out a storyline completely original to a trilogy of novels written by Adam Troy Castro Although said novels do appear to be inspired by some version of the Spider Man comic universe Possibly the comics from the mid to late 1980s or very early 1990s In other words this is a different Spider Man than the excellent Tom Holland version from the MCUOnce again Dreamscape Media has released a very entertaining audio adaptation The original novels were released as a connected trilogy in 1999 2001 and 2002 respectively To date only the first part is available on audio although I hope that will soon be rectified especially with the prevalence of Spider Man in Dreamscape s heroic output The plot is as follows There is a figure in the underworld All Seated on the Ground known as The Gentleman He is very very rich Very very dangerous And alongside assistants of sorts such as The Chameleon and a few. At the behest of a deadly benefactornown only as the Gentleman the Chameleon must assemble a new Sinister Six Dr Octopus the ,

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Omics and this book was written by Adam troy Castro an acuaintance so I figured I d give it a shot It s good It s also the first book of a trilogy and so sets things up nicely for the next two installments In this one a mysterious villain nown only as The Gentleman original to this series of books is reforming the supervillain team of known only as The Gentleman original to this series of books is reforming the supervillain team of changing members The Sinister Six This time around featuring Dr Octopus The Chameleon Electro The Vulture Mysterio and Pity who is the new id on the block The Problem Is Mysterio problem is Mysterio has his own agenda to deal with before he can commit to the team And that agenda is to destroy the lives andor careers of the people who mocked his directorial debut in Hollywood As motivations go it s not a bad one Of course things get personal when the first victim is an old friend of Mary Jane Watson Parker wife of Peter Parker who is also The Amazing Spider Man This drags our hero into the fray with his own set of motivations beyond the simplistic idea it s his job to save people The book moves along at a good pace never really feeling like a novel of over 300 pages Castro really captures the flavor of Spidey s personality while at the same time allowing us inside his head to feel his fear when his wife is in danger He also fills the books with innumerable nods and winks to popular culture other marvel comics and even characters from that other company which also does superheroes I got a fair few of them but I guarantee I didn t get them all But they are not so intrusive that if you don t get them you don t feel like you re being left out of the joke Instead you just read straight past them If you do catch it though it s good for a momentary laugh before you move on Where I did have a slight problem though and why this gets a four and not a five is twofold One there were some language issues The amount of repetition of words and ideas did get intrusive after a while It felt like the book needed one pass from the copy editor since a lot of these particular passages had the feeling of making a change on one end of the sentence without cleaning up the other end something we all do but in this case should have been caught The other problem had to do with Peter and Mary Jane s marriage We get a lot of how in love they are and that s wonderful As I said earlier it s really nice to see Spider man nervous not because he s fighting the bad guy but because he s worried about getting home to the missus or worse yet she herself is in immediate danger and he can t afford to make a mistake But then there yet she herself is in immediate danger and he can t afford to make a mistake But then there scenes where we get back story like she was friends with the first of Mysterio s victims which don t come out until they become major plot points As a married couple this seems to be one of those things which would have been discussed especially since it started and was continuing during the time of the marriage Further there s a scene at a gloriously bad Broadway Musical and a side udos for nailing the musical style lyrics and we find out later Mary Jane was in the running for the lead of that particular play As an actress devoted to her husband you would think he d have been told she almost got the lead in huge broadway hit We find out they had fights over here career path in the past so why did she never mention her prominent audition before the show was shut down by a bad guy It was these few moments which pushed me right out of the book There weren t many mind you but enough that it left me a little disappointed especially since the rest was so good Fantastic opening act in this very entertaining trilogy. Ber of Hollywood people have been targeted for murder and the Webhead must halt Mysterio's deadly rampage before lives are claim. .