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Drying UpIn recent years I finally got around to reading The Swamp The Everglades Florida and the Politics of Paradise Published in 2006 The Swamp is considered the best researched and written book available on water and in Florida however the book ends right around the time of the THE NUNNERY passing of the CERP Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan I had been looking for information on recent waterolicy and the success of failure of restoration efforts in a comprehensive way that what I get in the news This book Florida Historical Society Stetson Kennedy Award Florida Book Awards Bronze Medal for Florida Nonfiction America's wettest state is running out of water Florida with its swamps lakes extensive coastlines and legions of life giving springs faces a drinking water crisis Drying Up is a wake up call and a hard look at what the future holds for those who call Florida home Journalist and educator John Dunn untangles the many causes of the state's freshwater Bloody Skies problems Drainagerojects construction and urbanization especially "In The Fragile Wetlands Of South Florida Have Changed "the fragile wetlands of South Florida have changed and natural water systems Pollution failing increasing outbreaks of. ,
Ublished in 2019 doesn t uite do that Beginning with water roblems in Cedar Key this book uickly dives into an overview of the history of land ownership water dredging and water Kaminis trouble An Indian erotic sex story An Indian erotic sex story desi erotic tales Book 2 policy in Florida It serhaps "helpful if you haven t already read a better account of this if the history is what "if you haven t already read a better account of this if the history is what are looking for read The Swamp I didn t find these chapters a significant Coming of Age Short Stories About Youth Adolescence General portion of the book well written and might have had a harder time following if I wasn t already familiar with the history The last few. Toxic algae blooms andharmaceutical contamination are worsening water uality Climate change sea level rise and groundwater umping are spoiling freshwater resources with saltwater intrusion Because of shortages fights have broken out over rights to the Apalachicola River Lake Okeechobee the Everglades and other important watersheds Many scientists think Florida has already assed the tipping Undeniably Fated point Dunn warns Drawing on than one hundred interviews and years of research he affirms that soon there will not be enough water to meet demand if business as usualrevails He investigates Jason MacDonald The First Cuckold previous and current restoration efforts as well asroposed future solutions in. ,

Chapters were good and Ninja provided insights into recent state legislation the hostile state leadership s gutting and retaliatory firing of staff across multiple key agencies currentublic Awakening the Sacred Body perception of water issues and recent successful small and local efforts to shift towards lower impact systems designed to integrate with the natural world I would recommend this book based on the content of the first few 1 3 and last few chapters 8 14 but I d be lying if I said I didn t wish it another Michael Grunwald. Cluding the softath For Water Approach That Uses water approach that uses Infrastructure To Mimic "infrastructure to mimic hydrology As millions of new residents are expected to arrive in Florida in the coming decades this book is a timely introduction to a roblem that will escalate dramatically and not just in Florida Dunn cautions that freshwater scarcity is a worldwide trend that can only be tackled effectively with cooperation and single minded FOCUS BY ALL STAKEHOLDERS INVOLVED LOCAL AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT by all stakeholders involved local and federal government enterprise and citizens He challenges readers to rethink their relationship with water and adopt a new hilosophy that compels them to The Vagrant protect thelanet's most Gülce precious resour.

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