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Warlocked and Loaded A Witch and her Cats Adventure Mystery Book 7

Pearl Goodfellow ✓ 5 eview

Since I don t normally write eviews unless I have something specific to say here s the break down of how I Revived rate my books1 star This book was bad so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future2 stars This book was not very good and I won t beeading any from the author3 stars This book was ok but I won t go out of my way to ead But if I Find Another Book find another book the author for under a dollar I d pick it up4 stars I eally enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up from the seriesauthor5 stars I loved this book It has earned a permanent home in my collection and I ll be picking up the est of the series and other books from the author ASAP Just when you think you have things figured out the story gets all twisted up againThe Infinity were not pussyfooting around when it comes to investigating and protecting all that is important to them Namely the life of their loving Mage Hattie Seraphim Jenkins I feel like she is standing at that threshold of eaching her full potential She is something special in the world of magic she just has to embrace it herself and open herself up completly to itMy palms were sweating my heart was pounding I kept feeling the pull between Hattie and Chief Trew This series will captivate the eader and have you turning pages like balefire My Infinity babies Man this book did not disappoint My infinity kitties and Hattie are just amazing charactersCan t live a normal life when you have so many things going on Hattie Jenkins is the sweeties lovable human the kitties ever known They Re Bond Goes re bond goes this world The interactions are just awesome You ve got adventure love crime suspense and humor This series is by far one of my favorites I can t wait for the others they e will be others A Heart of Stone right I need Book Eight uicklyThe mysteries in each book are now shown to be linked but we are still worrying at the solution to the main backstory just how they are linked together Toward the end of this book it is all. Another day another dead Warlock Barnabus Kramp is dead Just after sentencing the Warlock lawyer's prison van explodes on the way to Steeltrap Penitentiary The only person seen in the area is the mysterious drifter Typhon Jyldrar But does the penniless homeless man have theeuired tech to make such ,

Starting to come clear The mystery
"Is Fairly Intricate And There "
fairly intricate and there been some development of the main characters though little has been revealed about lesser characters other than the cats Nevertheless I m starting to Jones for about lesser characters other than the cats Nevertheless I m starting to Jones for solution to the mysteryThere are a few editing issues that were occasional in earlier books are a bit prevalent in this one Commas are sometimes indiscriminately sprinkled like salt along with a few mischosen words However her nip toking cat than makes up for it not to speak of the other seven They keep me smiling all the way through the book It is obvious that the author is well acuainted with cats And catnipThe truth is I inhaled the first seven books in less than a week Lucky for me number 8 eleases in less than two weeks Right now that s way too long Bombs weapons and double bluffs Awesome The story is heating up The trial of Kramp is a farce as he is only sentenced to two years but before he can be taken to prison the truck that he is in is bombed His death however is uled as natural a series of heart attacks She is sure that this is the wrong verdict Plus David is suffering from a malady that is getting stronger The Warlocks have a secret plan Can they find out what it is Are the weapons they found the Language and Linguistics real weapon Will they get a cleareason for Kramp s death Will they survive to fight another day The plot is great with bluffs and double bluffs galore but please note that this is a continuing storyline and not all the answers are given Just when you think you have things figured Out Hattie And Those Amazing Hattie and those amazing take you on yet another adventure of mystery murder and even a dragon or twoOnce again Ms Goodfellow keeps you totally enthralled You can t help but finish the book before you can put it down Every page keeps you yearning for the next From the first word you will find yourself lost in the wor FORFROM THE 5 set kindle unlimited but got on freebie day this include 1 5 of 7 out currently listed below but for each book Divertimento review listed on that book pageevi. Bomb And what motive could he possibly have for killing the Warlock's Chief ight hand man Hattie and the cats investigate But it's clear now that Hattie will have to embrace her witch power to cut her way through all the sorcery Can she finally embrace her magical abilities and find Kramp's killer bef. Ew and also for 6 ku and 7 freebie dayThe peace of the Coven Isles has blown apart once The explosive death the Coven Isles has blown apart once The explosive death Barnabus Kramp has Hattie and her eight of the Coven Isles has blown apart once The explosive death of Barnabus Kramp has Hattie and her eight cats acing to find out who would want the Warlock lawyer dead It turns out EVERYONE wanted him dead but that s beside the point Drawn into a world of magic murder and dark sorcery the Promise at Dawn reluctant witch is forced to make a painful choice Will she play it safe and continue to deny her magical legacy Or will Hattieisk everything embrace her witch power Notes on Warlock WeaponI have been eading Pearl s books in order and loving every minute The only criticism I have is there are a minute The only criticism I have is there are a of continuity problems ieit was established that Hector are cauliflower because it looks like brains then he gave Hatie some broccoli It was fixed a little later not well but fixed There have been others My point is not to dwell on these errors but that you may need a better editor Pearl is the talent and what a talent she is I can see her books being made into Lifetime channel movies Aside from the blatant errors being aised as a Witch and being a High Priest these books are fun to Bangkok Wakes to Rain read and ya fall in love with the people in this town Signed Father Peace This is the 7th book of the series and I have enjoyed all 7 books The world this author has built has been uite enchanting and entertaining She makes magic believable The conspiracy continues but no one is sure who isesponsible and is following every lead that they can find They just aren t sure which leads are The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery real and which areed herrings Hattie seems to be growing in her magical acceptance but is still adamant that she does n Yes NoYes I love this series No I don t want it to end But I do understand why the adventure is almost finished Cozy mysteries are great but this series is so good I hope the gang comes back novella short stories anything Please if you enjoyed this book Darkmere read the whole series You ll be glad you did Pearl is a great author and her Facebook page is worth a gander Come back soon Glessie Isl. Ore bodies show up Because there's a darkness at play across the Coven Isles And it's getting much much darker Follow the crew on their penultimate murder investigation and their mounting battle against the evil Warlock Gideon Shields You can't put a paw wrong Book Category Cozy fantasy adventure myste.