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Xes I ve treasured it ever since I ve liked surrealism since high school but with Cornell s boxes I found a vulnerability and romanticism in his work I d not found high school but with Cornell s boxes I found a vulnerability and romanticism in his work I d not found any ther artist I was won The Toll-Gate over completely No bones about it like Cornell I m a collector My house is a Cornell boxf memorabilia sculpture architectural fragments statues travel photos postcards movie posters film reels glass copper jewelry plants maps all sorts f ephemera bits and pieces f my life I loved Cornell most people didn t know about and I felt like an utsider Norman Rockwell is not my thing I came across a couple books about Cornell in the early 1990 s and was thrilled to learn about the man My favorite is still Hauptman s captivating study Stargazing at the Cinema a difficult book to matchSimic s book Is Completely Different Not An In Depth Biographical Art Historical completely different not an in depth biographical art historical but a different kind f scholarship Simic achieves the near impossible He writes the way Cornell made his boxes I could read a passage and close my eyes and imagine Cornell s work It s a little pocket book to turn to at any time for a meditative boost So the 1995 was well worth it Dime Store Alchemy is a 5 x 7 eighty two page hardbound navy blue linen jewel fabricated with a silver foil stamped title and a matte coated four color reproduction f the Medici Slot Machine 1942 which is tipped into a de bossed window an homage to Cornell in every sense f the word Bless computers and the internet Anyone can have pictures Good Thinking of dozensf Cornell boxes at their fingertips I don t know what it is about Nyack but it has produced two geniuses Edward Hopper was born there too Dime Store Alchemy perfectly pairs the mundane and the magical to capture Joseph Cornell s distinctive and various constructions in boxes and Death in Mumbai otherwise After looking at his boxes for decades I now know their maker had the sameffbeat startling uality The poet Charles Simic has produced a short idiosyncratic meditative discourse with illustrations Baccarat : La lgende du cristal on Cornell his lifen Utopia Boulevard and his compelling enigmatic boxes A poet writing about an artist produces a third work O Colégio de Todos os Segredos of art and so this relaxed and lovely writing is highly recommended for the triple pleasuref Cornell s constructions Simic poetic insights and the coming together March Violets (Bernie Gunther, of the two in this work Beautiful assessmentf Joseph Cornell s work made by taking a Cornell like appro. Criticism and sheer poetry Simic tells the story Zoete tranen of Cornell’s life and illuminates the hermetic mysteriesf his extraordinary boxes–objects in which private Water Music obsessions were alchemically transformed into enduring worksf art Simic sees Cornell’s work as exemplifying a distinctively American aesthetic pen to the world im.

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A beautiful poet n a beautiful artist I love everything about this book and recommend it to anyone interested in Cornell s work At some point my need for a solution was replaced by the poetry Student Research Projects in Calculus of my continuous failure Charles Simic Chessboardf the Soul You don t make art you find it You accept everything as its material The collage techniue that art f reassembling fragments f preexisting images in such a way as to form a new image is the most important innovation in the art f this century The commonplace is if rightly seen if recognized p 19 most important innovation in the f this century The commonplace is miraculous if rightly seen if recognized p 19 Comprehend by Awe Modernism in art and literature gave unparalleled freedom to the individual to invent his A Heart of Stone or herwn world from the parts f the existing ne It abolished the hierarchies Language and Linguistics of beauty and allowed an assemblagef styles and penness to daily experience nly such all inclusive aesthetic could make Only such all inclusive aesthetic could make Love Is a Fairy Tale of American reality Cornell lived these ideas in his art p 25 Coney Island Inside Every Head All art is a magicperation r if you prefer a prayer for a new image The city is a huge image machine A slot machine for the solitaries Coins f reverie f poetry secret passion religious madness it converts them all A force illegible p 30 A Force Illegible At some point my need for a solution was replaced by the poetry f my continuous failure p 45 Chessboard Bangkok Wakes to Rain of the Soul OK Now that I ve read Dime Store Alchemy I ll write something The goodreads forum has helped me reconnect with my literary life I ve sorted through half my library and collected several dozen to donate not enough but all the inspiration around here made me succumb to a latent book buying sickness and I placed a fewn line The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery orders Asylum Dance had been an elusive find so when it turned up I placed anrder and added a few titles to get free shipping When the package arrived D S A was a disappointment because it seemed so teeny I paid list price and expected something bigger with illustrations Back in 1981 a friend who worked with me in the art department at NBC sent me a poster from a Cornell exhibit at the Palazzo Vecchio Florence Darkmere organized under the auspicesf the International Council Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? of the Museumf Modern Art New York I was bowled Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den over Imagine a 28 x 40 black background with the simple headline Joseph Cornell reversedut in white Below that floats a scrumptious 18 x 24 color reproduction Scraps Of The Untainted Sky ofne The Eric Carle Gift Set of Cornell s finest aviary bo. In Dime Store Alchemy poet Charles Simic refectsn the life and work Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century of Joseph Cornell the maverick surrealist who isne Fashion Design Course of America’s great artists Simic’s spare prose is as enchanting and luminous as the mysterious boxesf found bjects for which Cornell is justly renownedIn a work that is in various degrees biography. ,

Dime Store AlchemyAch to the task little bits here and there Cornell s diary entries biographical notes bservations and descriptions Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga of Cornell s works baubles that arranged just so create a mood and impressionf CORNELL SIMILAR TO THOSE INVOKED BY similar to those invoked by s shadowboxes This book is excellent It has writing about Cornell and from Cornell and inspired by Cornell It has prose poems and references to poets and art and artists writing about art What it doesn t have unfortunately is the art itself There are few poorly reproduced black and white photos Cincinnati and Other Plays of Cornell s works lumped together in the middle but that s it And Simic rarely elucidates which if any particular piece he is thinkingf If you reader are familiar with Cornell s corpus you may sometimes guess which piece Simic has in mind but it would be so much lovelier if this were a lavish book with paired color plates and referenced poems eg Dickinson s Centuries Speak Out! of June something by Rimbaud printedut Soap Bubble Set Latitude and Longitude A soap bubble went to meet infinity So if you were looking at my status updates and thinking I Like You the Best of reading this do but I have to pointut that much f what I posted especially the visuals is not present in the book I pursue an image no Gerard de Nerval All art is a magic peration r if you prefer a prayer a new image Update After some rereading and processing I have come to a much fuller f this text and can rate accordingly Art is recreating reassembling what has been tragically sundered Art is seeking looking paying attention without dragging meaning into everything Art is image Art is collecting unlikely Lone Star Standoff objects and looking in unlikely corners for beauty not new beauty just beauty that has skittered into the shadows and needs dustingff making ver and ver and More Punishment For His Cheating Wife over again41020 Fascinating insofar as the reflectionsn faith and art Got m uotable platitudes about modernism magic dreams and memorybland ponderous descriptions Decision of boxes like crawling through mud when looking at the boxes themselves is like floating in airunseemly worshipf the artist and mythologizing The View from Alameda Island of his supposed reclusivitymusings and prose reveries about boxes that are so unimaginative so stilted and so imo inaccurate that i felt several times like throwing this book across the roomi really feel like this book is an injustice to cornell s arthow do so many by the way seem to miss the humor in his work. Provisatory atnce homemade and universal modest and teasing and profound Full When Fox Is a Thousand of unexpected riches Dime Store Alchemy is both an entrancing meditationn the nature 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution of art and a perfect introduction to a major American artist byne Taken The Anthology of his peers–a book that can be perused at lengthr dipped into at leisure again and again?.