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Philosophy of Religion oI think the book would be a perfect way to start a math lessonn remainders as it can Give A Child Motivation To a child motivation to understand a concept that can be somewhat difficult to them This book clearly introduces the topic f remainders to children I tried it with a 4th grade class and afterwards they could nearly all explain remainders to me A Remainder f One is a book written all in rhyming verse that introduces some difficult math concepts This book is a visual representation The Spirituality Revolution of division that shows when it doesn t divideut perfectly and there is a remainder In this book there are 25 marching soldier bugs marching for the ueen and they divide into lines f 2 but there s a remainder f 1 bug marching behind and the but there s a remainder Economies and Cultures of 1 bug marching behind and the gets angry So the bugs divide by 3 the next day but there is still a remainderf 1 and the ueen is even angry The book goes through until it finds the number that the 25 bugs can march by that won t leave any remainders This would be a great book to use in a math lesson The children would be able to divide the numbers Out With The Book And with the book and for themselves whether the new number divided by would leave a remainder Designing with Web Standards or not The illustrations are colorful and engaging and the poor lone soldier Joe has expressions that perfectly represent his feelings All the bugs are very expressive and that helps to clue the reader into what they are feeling in a particular passage This book would help a visual student understand conceptsf division that they may not have understood just doing the math This is a fun book with a math lesson about groups Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, of different numbers woven into the tale I love that the little beetle tries several different combinationsf group This colorful and fun children s book is a creative way to look at a math concept remainders The cover is very colorful and the typeface is uniue The end pages are bright yellow which correspond with and represent the lightheartedness Structure Of The Nucleus of this book The text and the vibrant bordered illustrations compliment eachther nicely and effectively Children will probably enjoy the fact that the story rhymes and has a nice flow to it and hopefully also understand the educational message this sto. Every time the lines are uneven he must stand aside What's a poor bug to do Joe is determined He studies the problem relining the twenty five bug. ,

I used this book in my third grade for my lesson n division with remainders It was the very first time students were introduced to this concept and this book really helped to engage students prior to the lesson I actually incorporated the book in this concept and this book really helped to engage students prior to the lesson I actually incorporated the book in lesson and had students mimic the story by dividing the unifix cubes ladybugs and make a straight line any unifix cubes that made the line uneven became remainder Joe An alternative can be to use this book for multiplication and students can multiply how many ladybugs per line Great book to have in any classroom It s a cute story and a good message A couple f the passages were kinda clunky and it could have used another page after the final resolution thus the four stars Genre Counting picture book Summary This is a rhyming story about ants trying to march to a picnic but they are having trouble trying to get their marching lines into even rows without the left ut remainder f Passage Through Crisis one Critiue A Math concepts divisionB This catchy rhyming story introduces division in a concrete way so children can grasp the concept Onef the first stages in teaching division is grouping just like the ants grouped into rows to march C The troupe had divided by four for the show the lines all looked even til they A Remainder Science, Technology and Culture of One is a story about a bug named Joe who is struggling to fit in with the marching infantry He is constantly the remainderr The Road to Einsteins Relativity oddne Black Boy outf the crowd which the ueen does not fit The book is suared shaped than Nighttime Sweethearts other picturebooks and has bright yellow endpages to represent the vibrant determinationf Joe The book jacket features a short description Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire of the bug Joe and the problems he encounters in the storyline The illustrations blend well together as they are a patternf mostly purples blues and greens The medium used seems to be some type f matte paint with a tendency to use thick black lines to add texture to the story which is perfect for illustrating the grass and plants The typeface is classic bold black against white background and the illustrations are bordered Joe eventually learns to fit in as he uses his problem solving skills to do the math and he is no longer considered a misfit. Hup two three four We're in the 25th Army Corps ueen's count Two three We are the marching infantry Poor Joe He wants to march in the parade but. Ry conveys as well Joe the LADYBUG GOES OUT TO FIND OUT goes ut to find Presunta colpevole out real meaningf remainders a soldier for the ueen his group paired into two except for Joe because he smelled Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem of poo The ueen was disappointed by thedd number Safe Words of troopers so she kicked Joeut and so he was sent packing His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, out and about He had become the remainder a remainderf The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, one which for Joe couldn t have been much fun Joe tried to get into line again now in formsf 3 but no line was free And again that night Joe was left alone perhaps he should have picked a different job and get Pursuit of Justice outf their zone The next morning the Mathematically Illiterate Bug Tried Again To Get Into Line This illiterate bug tried again to get into line this by groups f 4 they aligned But f course there was still Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude one bug leftut fat Rodeo Daughter ol Joe leftut and about Low and behold My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze on the final night smart bug Joe finally got it right 5 linesf 5 should hold nice and tight and make the ueens smile happy and bright After the final page Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses of the story ended a tragic accident fell upon the groupf soldier bugs they were all swatted A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, out from under the rug They didn t see it coming thenslaught My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, of sound the great big newspaper sure made a pound And soon Joe was dead along with all his friends the poor remainderf ne should have just stayed in bed Teaching tool a simple and easy way to show kids that in dividing what the remainder is I did not end up reading this with my class because we were already starting n decimal uotients I decided against breaking up Remainder Joe into ten eual pieces and distributing him evenly to each line I think this is a great way to build a basic understanding The Baby Album of divisibility I like how the ants line up in rectangle formation because it s easy to relate the picture to rectangular arrays in multiplication I also appreciate that it is written in verse It is definitely set aside for future use if I need to cover CCSSMathContent4NBTB6 Find whole number uotients and remainders with up to four digit dividends andne digit divisors using strategies based Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose on place value the propertiesf Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., operations andor the relationship between multiplication and division Illustrate and explain the calculation by using euations rectangular arrays andor area model. S in his suadron from two lines to three lines to four lines until inspiration and fortitude result in five linesf five and Joe fits in the las. ,

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