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Him or through him He goes FROM ZERO TO HERO IN THE zero to hero in the of an eye and without a sweat Inconsistencies galore view spoilerYou still get electricity and running water from where but a no point do you think of checking internet Or even trying your phone How does that make sense hide spoiler Book twoMistakes I found some scattered throughout what I read Plot I found the story didn t flow well at all I wasn t pulled in and nothing in this book meshed together well Everything felt slightly out of sync Why would mages be so terrified of a bang and a puff of dirt They can sling magic Another example would be trying to only wound people while using a gun during a melee battle Wounding would be by luck than anything elseCharacters Actions conversations emotional response nothing felt right Didn t care about anyone in this book310 I made it about 65% of the way through. Im learning about this new world he has found himself in and little of it is good news First up learning why people keep attacking his house This series is set in the same universe as 'The Game "Of Gods' And Contains Elements "Gods' and contains elements Gamel. .

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The Dungeon AlariaGreat potentialThe thought that went into this story is great though I found the MC to be weak in a a lot of areas but at the same time he was able to integrated his knowledge of technology the worlds technology in roughly the same time he was able to integrated his knowledge of technology the worlds technology in roughly hours But all in all I didn t think it was nearly as bad as a lot of others post people had it in Good bookI really enjoyed reading this book Keep up the good work I can t wait for the next part Keep on dungeon delving GoodWell worth a read a different type of gamelit with some very interesting characters i am eagerly awaiting book two I don t think that this book has no bad pointsWhen you pick up a New book you want it to be great but time than not it s ust not there that this book has been some of the better reads is a good thing Rambling messYou can tell there s an interesting story idea buried somewhere in the writing Unfortunately. The world of Alaria is changing and the goddess who created it has no idea why On the eve of the apocalypse Liam is transported to another world along with his house Liam was waiting for his father to come home from work when the hou. ,

It feels like the author was unable to keep the story going and decided to use some frankly horrible mental illness plot powers to ustify dues ex machinas The mc has no accomplishments that are his own Excellent story lineI enjoyed the story line and look forward to the next book to see where the story continues I am curious to see how it develops with earth GoodA good start to a new series will be interesting to see what the next Book Takes Us In This takes us in this world Good readReally enjoyed the different characters and the various interactions between the AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS OVERALL "and the other characters was a good read and a great start to a new series I look forward to the next book This book didn t work for me at allNothing anyone did made any sense No character was believable in the slightestThere was no challenge for the MC to overcome Absolutely nothing happened to. Se shook and two moons appeared overhead Stranded within a land where he doesn't speak the language and people are set on attacking him he must survive in this new land where nothing makes sense A gorgeous princess holds the key to