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Up to what we are wantonly consuming today is not new but it is sobering And we do need to sober up Robert U Ayres and Edward H Ayres make a modest point in their book Crossing the Energy Divide Moving from Fossil Fuel Dependence to a Clean Energy Future 2010 They argue persuasively that regardless of ow much money the government and private enterprise put into the development of green alternatives those sources of energy will not be developed fast enough Their prescription is efficient use of fossils fuels until the green revolution catches upGreer doesn t see any catching up He writes that the world s annual energy consumption euals about one fourth of the total solar energy absorbed by green plants annually with 86% of that coming from fossil fuels p 247 Instead of energy conservation Yesterday's Love helping us to a sustainable futuree sees four sweeping impacts on Molitva druga human life to come They are1 Depopulation uite simply the population bubble of the last few centuries is just as much a product of the exploitation of fossil fuels as the industrial age itself And without fossil fuels toelp grow and cheaply move food around the globe food surpluses that support toady s population levels will be impossible to maintain p 392 Migration People will move as they ave done in the past from areas of relative poverty to areas of relative wealth and the wealth will mainly be in food stuffs Much of the world is already experiencing these migrations Latin Americans into the US for example Muslims into Europe but in the future the migration directions may change and people from further away may land on distant shores3 Political and cultural disintegration Greer does not dwell or make vividly scary what this can mean but it would not be surprising to see that when things get scarce those with power will use that power to get what they want by any means necessary4 Ecological change Greer speaks of ecology a lot in this book comparing the rise and fall of civilizations with the successions of natural ecologies from grasslands to climax forests What I think is most sobering an apt usage worth repeating since we ave been guzzling oil and are addicted to it is Greer s point that by the time actual shortages began all existing resources would already be committed to meet existing needs p 13 One of the conseuences of this is that the transformation of our economies from fossil based energy to renewal based energy will be impossible to implement because the energy reuired for the transformation will be unavailable It takes oil energy to build a nuclear power plant for example and oil energy to build wind turbines and transport themGreer laments the fossil fuels that might Hiking with Nietzsche On Becoming Who You Are have powered the transition to a sustainable future were wasted on a uarter century of extravagant living p 13Some bon mots and sharp insightsGovernment and business leaders in the world s industrial nations whichave even to lose from the twilight of cheap abundant energy than their poorer neighbors are still treating the twilight of the age of oil as a public relations problem p 19As it exists today industrial society can best be described as a scheme for turning resources into pollution as fast as possible p 28From the tumbrils of the French Revolution to the killing fields of Khmer Rouge Cambodia it Un mese con Montalbano has always been those radical movements that promisedeaven on earth that yield the closest approximation to ell p 187It s vanishingly rare for a society to collapse at the peak of its wealth and power for the simple reason wealth and power are two of the most effective means of off collapse p 192 This suggests that the US is not yet in its dotage although things might get a little rough for our grandchildrenCentral to Greer s argument is the idea that we will pass through successions such as a landscape passes from R stage invasive plants like weeds to shrubs and bushes to K stage plants like oaks and pines in ecological seuence which typically ends in what ecologists call a climax forest Greer emphasizes that succession moves toward stability not toward Utopia p 240He sees istory and I would say that Greer is primarily a istorian working ere as a futurist as an ecological phenomenon with processes that appear across the range of ecosystems in the nonhuman world The euivalents that in sees in Weaving the Web history are 1 a rhythm in the rise and fall of civilizations 2 the succession mentioned above ending in the social euivalent of a climax community that remains stable until changes in the environment disrupt it and 3 cultural evolution pp 241 242As much as I admire Greer s erudition and insight I think the main strength of this book is in Greer s eminently readable prose As Yogi Berra mightave said prophecy is Declaration and Address Last Will and Testament hard especially about the future but Greer s vision is one that I think is well worth paying attention to Dennis Littrell author of The World Is Not as We Think It Is As always with this author this book was very informative and enlightening I ll eventually read everythinge s written If industrial society turns out to Astonishment of Origins French Seuences have been little than finding the fastest way possible to turn raw materials into pollution the status uo won t be maintained for much longer We re running out of those raw materials at a rapid pace and the outputs threaten to bring everything down with just as much certainty We see the possibility of business as usual slipping further and further away as the world falls deeper into a recession which shows no end in sight In The Ecotechnic Future John Michael Greer argues that the reason our globalized civilization faces this catastrophe is because our definition of technology is wholly misguided and counters with a realistic vision of the futureSince the science fiction writers of the early 19th century our dreams of advanced technologyave been synonymous with extravagant energy use It is this redefinition of what the future and what future technology will look like that is the scope of Greer s most. Ve in complex and unpredictable ways making that is the scope of Greer s most. Ve in complex and unpredictable ways making futile to try to impose rigid ideological forms on the patterns of evolutionary change Instead social change must explore many pathways over which we Primavera, estiu, etcètera have no control The troubling and exhilarating prospect of an open ended futuree proposes reuires dissensus a deliberate acceptance of radical diversity that widens the range of potential approaches to infinityWritten in three parts the book places the present crisis of the industrial world in its istorical and ecological context in part one; part two explores the toolkit for the Ecotechnic Age; and part three opens a door to the complexity of future visionsFor anyone concerned about peak oil and the future of industrial society this book provides a solid analysis of ow we got to where we are and offers a practical toolkit to prepare for the futureJohn Michael Greer is a certified Master Conserver organic gardener and scholar of ecological istory He blogs at The Archdruid Report   wwwthearchdruidreportblogspotcom and is the author of The Long Descen.

Revolution and Counter Revolution
The Ecotechnic Future Envisioning a Post Peak WorldOne of the great gifts of crisis is that it points out what is essential and what is notIt took me forever to read this book but it was well worth it It is dense and rich in every way and I found that I really needed to live with it a little at a time both because it offers so much to chew on and because at times it kept me awake at night That is due to my own personal place in the world though and while it will no doubt shake everyone who reads it up at some point or other that is neither a good nor wise reason to pass on it If you ever Princesa adormecida have a chance toear the author speak don t pass on that either Greta Thunberg Little People BIG DREAMS Book 40 he gives the old fashioned kind of talk that can cause an audience to jump to its feet at the end and applaud the sheer beauty ofis argument I recently read two of Mr Greer s books The Long Descent and The Ecotechnic Future Envisioning a Post Peak World This review is for both of them as they made me feel and think or less the same things For your information both share the same ideological and theoretical ideas but they were different in some aspects The Long Descent s explanation of what the myth of progress is and 101 Recipes for Microwave Mug Cakes how and why it came about I enjoyed while it was the practical information tips guidelines the rough sketches of the directionumanity shouldwill be taking in the next few decades or centuries and the different aspects and challenges of life in the future that I thought were exceptionally valuable in The Ecotechnic FutureSome ave expressed the problems of The Long Descent as in this review especially related to the practical aspects of recycling old technology If you disregard these problems or are willing to accept them for what they are or look into them for alternatives these are tremendous books that serve as manuals on theoretical philosophical and practical levels on ow to perceive what s imperceptible for most people in the present prepare for the future and predict what it might look like and understand A History of the Councils of the Church Vol 3 history in a different way which would raise plenty of eyebrowsNevertheless Greer s argument is incredibly solid He presents the mythreligion of progress the inevitability and unavoidable reality of the long peak oik collapse and the fact that any suggested workaround that comes from the same myth of progress mental space as void of meaning and practicality so convincingly so elouently so overwhelmingly Iave few words left to express without exaggeration my level of admiration and approval I can show to this manHe may be a druid just adding it Escaping the Arroyo here because for some people it s a minus for me it s a pluse may Eisenhower portrait of the hero have chosen to live without a cell phone or never tried playing video gamese may be anti science or anti progress silly words coming from people who don t but superficially grasp the meaning of these concepts but few times The Think and Grow Rich Workbook have a I read the work of a man in line with what I understand the true scientific spirit to be and only rarely do I come across the writings of a person who s doneis or er omework so deeply on what Imagine Me he or she s purportedly againstI m serious This is a challenge for you if you re up to it persuade me that the points raised by these books and Greer s work are moot I can tell you from now that if you try you won t be able to and will most likely resort to some variation of the typical it will sort itself outthey will figure something out or it s the next generation s problem that are the popular ways ofandling the prospect of the decline of industrial civilization todayMr Greer s work is not for everyone but in my view it should be almost every person living today especially if their age marks them as young would benefit from experiencing looking at industrial society and civilization through the prism future generations who will live by scavenging iron off skyscrapers to give one particularly memorable prediction off these books will judge us by It s uite a revealing shocking but also strangely rewarding experienceThe matters laid out by The Ecotechnic Future and The Long Descent form a significant part of what Los Libros Malditos has been bothering me lately and will most likely influence my future decisions For that I m grateful Notappy at least not yet The Ilgiad how can one beappy when The Style and Mythology of Socialism he or sheas realised the profundity of Kral Kaybederse his orer own uselessness but grateful nevertheless Say this for Greer e makes you think This is the first time I ve come across the idea of applying the ecological theory of succession including the concepts of R adaptation "and K adaptation to uman and yet it clearly works and leads to many "K adaptation to Nine Who Survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki human societies and yet it clearly works and to many insights And this is just one of many many intriguing ideas in this book Greeras thought long and deep about the implications of a post fossil fuel world and if that s a subject that interests you and it should then you should read this bookThat being said I think that there are a few logical The Blackberry Day and Other Stories holes inis arguments and I ll discuss one of the largest of these because it opens up possibilities that could dramatically shorten our way to the ecotechnic future Greer argues that transitioning to an industrial society based on renewable energy is impossible given where we are on the oil depletion curve To justify this e argues that cheap oil is reuired to economically make anything else such as solar panels and that any other energy source would need massive investment either in new machinery to use the new fuel or in a distribution system for the new fuel or both and e eviscerates the Dreams: The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Value Biographies) hydrogen strawman to proveis point But there is one energy source that does not suffer significantly from these drawbacks electricity generated from renewables in particular CSP concentrated solar power CSP modules are primarily made of glass a little steel and copper and a tiny amount of semiconductor Glass is not a problem we aren t going to run out of sand anytime soon and the amounts reuired of the other elements are trivial compared to current production and reserves And the power reuired to melt the sand and drive the “John Michael Greer’s work is nothing short of brilliant He MY ABSOLUTE DARLING has the multidisciplinary smarts to deeply understand ouruman
#dilemma as we #
as we on the verge of the inevitable collapse of industrialism And Stonefather he wields uncommon writing skills makingis diagnosis and prescription entertaining illuminating and practically informative Not to be missed” Richard Heinberg Senior Fellow Post Carbon Institute and author of Peak Everything“There is a great deal of conventional wisdom about our collective ecological crisis out there in books  The enormous virtue of John Michael Greer’s work is that Season of the Devil his wisdom is never conventional but profound and imaginative  There’s no one who makes me thinkarder and The Ecotechnic Future pushes Greer’s vision and our thought processes in important directions” Sharon Astyk farmer blogger and author of Depletion and Abundance and A Nation of Farmers “In The Ecotechnic Future John Michael Greer dispels our fantasies of a tidy controlled transition from industrial society to a post industrial milieu.

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Achines making the modules can come from electricity generated by CSP plantsThe investments reuired for a beefed up and smarter grid to distribute CSP generated electricity are relatively speaking uite manageable Much existing machinery already works with electricity and as for cars and trucks Greer Stolen By The Cyclops himself in this book waxes lyrical overow easy it will be for a legion of retrofitters to turn their petroleum powered vehicles into electric onesThis is an important logical weakness since if it is possible to get a significant renewable electrical generation capacity up and running before everything breaks down then we Flexible Typesetting have a much better chance of saving significant parts of our current technological infrastructure and making the transition to a sustainable future in decades rather than centuries Not without a lot of suffering and disruption but much less than Greer foreseesAnyway even when Greer is wronge s interesting and who knows Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy 1944 & he might be right after all Best book I ve read on the subject since Sharon Astyk Work chapter was especially useful This is one of those books that can change your perspective I love technology think the internet is the best innovation thatas ever Vegan Fácil para Bem Receber happened in my lifetime and as a life long fan of science and science fictionave like most of my ilk been waiting for the space faring uber tech future we ve been expecting ever since Jules VerneOops Whether Greer is correct that there is no other energy source that is sufficiently concentrated to replace petroleum in our industrial civilization is certainly debatable but That Wild Country he makes a good case This book relentlessly points out our joint psychological and political shortcomings when it comes to planning for the future of our species but does so thoughtfully avoiding the doom is at our door style that makes most ecological screeds so depressingIf you care at all about the future of our technological industrial culture you owe it to yourself to read this book Much better on description of the problem than prescription of solutions Woo woo stuff aside Greer is right that in the face of the onrushing catastrophe rather than worry like crazy or frantically scramble for some technology that can save us it is better to face the future with sober resignation and prepare for the long dark night of the forever future Anything else is ase says crackpot realism or simple ignorance Other acute observations Since the very beginnings of the genre advanced technology and extravagant energy use The Tail Game Foxfire Burning have been virtual synonyms Mass migrations will be an all but inevitable result of the decline of fossil fueled civilization Evolution is a process of adjustment to circumstances not a ticket to Utopia 62 What counts as a criminal enterprise today will likely be a growth enterprise in the deindustrial future 73 It s always part of the narrative of apocalypse and the fantasy of escape to other planets that the die off onlyappens to other people Crises do not lead to total loss of Luna Bella La Porno Youtuber ue Escandalizó a México Una Descarnada Autobiografía heritage Rather they represent bottlenecks through which only a part of society s culture and knowledge can pass 89 Adaptive responses to crisisave four features scalable resilient modular open Meaningful planning can only take place when the outlines of the solution are already known Conversely problems for which there is socially agreed upon outline of a solution cannot be planned for we call these problems wicked Salvage trade will be one of the great industries of the post industrial age Deep FranCois Ozon (French Film Directors) history is at bottom an ecological process and cannot be understood from a purely anthropocentric perspective Aard book for me to review so I m going to put it off for awhile The book is just full of ideas many of them very unusual that do force you to consider things from new perspectivesI m not talking ere about the general idea of peak oil "Which Is The Assumed Basis "is the assumed basis what Greer is prophesying ere I am convinced that we are Catsong heading into a post peak world and not because of anything Greer says in this book He doesn t argue much for the reality of peak oil it is assumed the subtitle of the book is Envisioning a Post Peak WorldAnd I am starting to get trapped into writing the essay on this book that I feel I need to but NOT NOW Ase slaps is wristso just a couple facts about john michael just a couple facts about John Michael then I leave this review for now He blogs at thearchdruidreportblogspotcom This is primarily a blog on peak oil and what Greer believes it will mean to our civilization but Archdruid What s that about Well Greer is the Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America You can look up the details on Wiki and the blog site Thus we ave Istrazivacke metode u psihologiji i drugim drustvenim znanostima here a very unusual person compared to the boring rest of usI should emphasize that whatever characteristics you might imagine a Grand Archdruid toave they do not reveal themselves much in what Denken aus Leidenschaft he says in this book Greeras written many books on things like natural magic etc topics which are related to the Druid tradition But this book isn t one of them nor is another previous book that Courage he wrote on this topic The Long Descent A User s Guide to the End of the Industrial AgeEnough Previous review Wicked as in WitchNext review The PlagueMore recent review 1000 ways to win MonopolyPrevious library review Hope Human and WildNext library review Countdown Our last bestope for a future on earth The deindustrial dark ages to comeThe underlying assumption of this book is that fossil fuels cannot be effectively replaced neither cost effectively nor in the gross amount of available energy And once the fossil fuels are gone they are gone forever meaning that industrial civilization as we know it will collapse or to be Pregnancy For Men hoped industrial society will experience a slow decline into what Greer calls The Ecotechnic Future Along the way there will be scarcity industrialism and a salvage society Some bad times will bead by almost everybody and for some it will be Workhouse horrificThe idea that renewable energy sources won t measure. The process will be ragged and rugged and will not invariably constitute an evolutionary leap for theuman species It will The Ghost of the Canadian Mountie however offer myriad opportunities to create a society that bolsters complex technology which at the same time maintains a sustainable interaction with the ecosystem Greer brilliantly inspires us to integrate the two in our thinking and to construct local communities which concretely exemplify this comprehensive vision” Carolyn Baker author of Sacred Demise Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse and publishereditor Speaking Truth to PowerIn response to the coming impact of peak oil John Michael Greerelps us envision the transition from an industrial society to a sustainable ecotechnic world not returning to the past but creating a society that supports relatively advanced technology on a sustainable resource baseFusing Tales from the Rainbow Bridge human ecology andistory this book challenges assumptions eld by mainstream and alternative thinkers about the evolution of uman societies Human societies like ecosystems evol.