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Our favorite villain has his own comic Not a bad story and followsconnects to the rest of the storyline of the other comics Looking forward to reading the rest To start things off this takes place after Rigel recovers his crown on Hyneria and banishes Scorpius from Hynerian space Things pick up some time later to find Scorpius has crashed on a frozen wasteland with little hope of rescue His behavior is textbook Scorpius that is to say it s insane and maniacal Interspersed throughout are flashbacks to his time insane and maniacal Interspersed throughout are flashbacks to his time the Scarrans and Peacekeepers recounting lessons he learned and puts to use in his present predicamentThere s some interesting twists that are sure to make some waves in the Farscape universe but I certainly don t want to spoil them It s definitely everything you d expect from Farscape just without John Crichton and company Perhaps this can be off putting to some but I enjoyed the look into Scorpius mindThe art in I re read all of these in the summer while blitzkrieging for a ame I still find myself feeling about the same for the Farscape franchize comicsgraphic novels as I ever did They are sometimes well written but the art is really sad because I just love the show and actors so much Some of the stories meander too much and Aeryn s Ending Still Gets To still Class and Conformity gets to in a way where I don t absolutely agree that s where she should have ended up But it was a fun summer reread After being banished from Hyneria andetting stuck on an ice planet Scorpius uses an unexpected discovery to Descartes and His Contemporaries get right back into scheming and planning which is always fun to see These stories tie in with the ongoing regular Farscaperaphic novels series and add some interesting background. I long ago learned the advantages of patience Scorpius A solo Scorpius raphic novel series sure to excite and energize all of Farscape fandom A frightening black leather clad presence with a face like a skull the half breed Scorpius takes his villainy. FarscapeAgued by poor illustration and A Contrived Almost Silly Plot contrived almost silly plot to the that confusing jumps in time and it really wasn t entertaining or fun to read I uess I ll just have to rewatch all the Sci Fi seasons of Farscape to Education and Equality get my Scorpius fix in the future I ve always loved Scorpius as a character I m fairly certain he is my favorite villain of all time if he is a villain at allIt was really interesting to see how he went from being banished from Hyneria to leading part of the attack on the Uncharted Territories for the Kkore In the main arc of the Farscape comics this transition isn t explained and you re left to wonder what schemes he orchestrated in order to survive In this comic you learn about his journey and it s very well done complex and deep in character development than I expected I m always interested to seelimpses of Scorpius s past to see what horrible things molded him into his present self The tie in and irony of the Kkore Mnemos Device so strongly resembling Scorpius s very own Aurora Chair was a Deceptive Beauties great touch I also really enjoy his cute little pet named John it seems to represent that there is still a tinyooey center inside Scorpius s frozen black heart and maybe also some sort of Dangerous Work genuine for John Crichton I ve always been a huge fan of Farscape and I always thought John Crichton I ve always been a huge fan of Farscape and I always thought was one of the better characters on the show This fills in some of his back story while also adding a new threat to the Farscape franchise As always it s awesome to see Scorpius scheme and turn a defeat like being stranded on an ice planet into a victory uuummm its odd seeing these characters as comics i m still adjusting will withhold opinion till later. Ries An excellent new entry point for Farscape fans that might have missed the previous BOOM Farscaperaphic novels that have come before Written by the FARSCAPE creator Rockne S O'Bannon and scripted by fan favorite STAR TREK novelist David Alan Mack. ,

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For it Well written and well drawn it s Flavor and Soul great toet a story where one of the reatest characters in sci fi ets story where one of the Forgery, Replica, Fiction greatest characters in sci fiets take center stage I really dug the cinematic uality of the opening seuence too I ot a copy of this from BEA years ago I was a huge fan of the Farscape Sci Fi series #when it was on and was curious to see what this Scorpius raphic novel spin off would bring I finally sat #it was on and was curious to see what this Scorpius Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life graphic novel spin off would bring I finally sat and read through it it was a uick read and honestly a bit disappointing Theraphic novel starts with Scorpius abandoned on an ice world We Escape get some flashbacks to his past that were a bit confusing because they aren t marked as such Then suddenly a huge armada of aliens land on his abandoned planet why we will never know and Scorpius manages to worm his way onto their ship and eventually take command of it This wholeraphic novel is just okay The illustration is okay but a bit unfinished looking It is in full color which I like but the color is blocky and unfinished looking The story is a bit ludicrous An alien armada just happens to stop at the extremely remote planet Scorpius is stranded on And of course the aliens are stupid enough to o with whatever Scorpius says and let him the aliens are stupid enough to o with whatever Scorpius says and let him control of the ship It had me rolling my eyes and just seemed very contrivedThe only ood thing about this raphic novel is that you do Lit get to see some about Scorpius s past however it s not very clear that you are reading about his past until pretty far into theraphic novel A nice little notation of something like many years ago on planet wherever would have helped clear up this confusion immenselyOverall a bit disappointing It was Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 good to look into Scorpius s past but thisraphic novel is pl. To new heights Crichton's worst adversary fandom favorite villain and one of science fictions reatest antagonists finds himself deposed from his throne on Hyneria and making a bold new discovery that could put him back on top of the Uncharted Territo. ,
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