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JerniganR sharp eye for detail After finishing it you ll see why it was shortlisted for the Pulitzer Some books you re just relieved you ll see why it was shortlisted for the Pulitzer Some books you re just relieved finish Thank Odin Zeus the Buddha whomever for putting me across the finish line Books like this are notoriously difficult to rate so I ll leave the stars behind some mostly cloudySee the old dilemma is this What if you hate the protagonist I mean can t stand the guy Does that sway your view of the book Should it I know you can argue that the book is BRILLIANT because the author is causing you to loathe his main character but what if it has nothing to do with the writing Chicken meet egg and all thatJernigan is a drunk An overeducated drunk I think one of the blurbs from The Village Voice Literary Supplement about nails it bitterly ironic crippled by hyperactive intelligence at war with itself It goes on to compare it to A Fan s Notes by Frederick Exley which I recall reading and loathing as well back back back when I was youngerI also marked a ote on page 162 one where Peter Jernigan our anti hero gets this from his live in lady You just know so much Peter she said What a man Treat em bad and they come back for right You re a true assholeMaybe that should have been the title The True Asshole And watching him disintegrate for 200 some odd pages is no treat And listening to his bile is no fun And finishing the book is an amen hallelujahWitty at times Sure If you like reading about drunk English majors who are as sarcastic as hell be my guest Me I ve got enough negatives to fend off in life I don t need a book to add to my workload Jernigan 1991 by David Gates is mesmerisingI cannot really explain how one of the most misanthropic troubled bitter drunks imaginable with few if any redeeming features results in such a brilliant and compelling bookPeter Jernigan s life is spiralling out of control His wife s gone he s lost his job and he s a stranger to his teenage son and his only relief is to drink himself stupid All the reader can do is look on himself stupid All the reader can do is look on horror as Jernigan shares his sorry tale with customary erudition caustic wit half formed thoughts and perverse logic #in a relentless narrative It shouldn t work and yet it does After #a relentless narrative It shouldn t work and yet it does After slowish initial 30 pages I was gripped and in thrall through to the bitter endI read this for my book group and am delighted it was chosen I doubt I would have come across it any other wayJernigan has been compared to Stoner and there are parallels both in terms of the content but also because both books arewere nheralded classics languishing in obscurity see also Revolutionary Road and Alone in Berlin55 This is one of those novels that establishes its greatness from page 1 and you spend the rest of the novel desperately hoping it can maintain that greatness In the most part it really does Originally released in the. Stran a na tortuosa decadencia Parece Cezanne and Provence ue las cosas pueden empezar a cambiar cuando conoce a Martha Peretsky la madre divorciada de la novia de su hijo e inicianna prometedora relación Jernigan es la divertídisima historia de Dark Voices un hombree dejándose llevar por sus peores cualidades consigue convertir su vida en n estrepitoso fracaso La cautivadora voz de Peter Jernigan nos acompaña en su

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Ultimately this novel is a #PRETTY FAST READ AND FAIRLY ENTERTAINING BUT IT HAS #fast read and fairly entertaining But it has lot of bad writing and a number of poor decisions by its author David GatesDefine bad writing Sure It s when the narrator s insecurity leads him to be needlessly intrusive Here are some examples of bad writing in Jernigan I mean at least I d found out that this was a neighborhood where blacks weren in Jernigan I mean at least I d found out that this was a neighborhood where blacks weren moving in however you were supposed to feel about that Uh oh no cultural diversity Though in fact all I d really found out was that this was a neighborhood where people didn t want blacks moving in However you were supposed to feel about that Uh oh be coming after me next page 86See a secure narrator would either write the first part of these thoughts and allow the reader to decide what they meant or he d leave them out altogether Instead we get Jernigan feinting at racial commentary just in time to lecture s about how we should feel about such commentary It s petty and safe rebellion and it s Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) uite contrary to what Gates seems to wants to think he s Creating Country Music up to with this novelHere s some bad writing He pickedp his slice and blew at the molten cheese creeping over the point Good I said You want the rest of it Looks like you got outside of yours pretty fast He shook his head no I took another bite It either was or wasn t good page 93First of all the nature of pizza hasn t a thing to do with this story Since the story has but 237 pages in it one would assume there was no good reason to give two or three of those pages to something as irrelevant as pizzaBut of course there s a reason It s to show the reader how clever the author is When one reads about molten cheese he can t help but think I wonder how long Gates carried that little nugget around in his writing journalAnd then there s the it either was or wasn t good line If this is to show indecision on the narrator s part it s nnecessary After all by this point in the book the narrator has already overwhelmed readers with his indecisiveness No this line is one clever bit of intrusion on the author s part one place of refuge for the insecure writer Even the folks who claimed to hate my novel had to admit I m talentedAll that written Jernigan will appeal to a certain group of readers Those who are desperate to see Frederick Exley s achievement in impostors may even think they ve found Exley in Gates s first novel Unfortunately they have not Very funny sad drunk guy writing Definitely part of a school but in the front row there s some nimble plotting that makes the book If you took John Updike And Richard Ford And Gave Them Each Richard Ford and gave them each serious drinking problem then they would ve probably come p with this bleak portrait of an American Father on the edge At times shocking and touching it nevertheless keeps you reading due to Gate s keen prose and razo. Peter Jernigan tiene poco más de cuarenta años vive en Evolutionary Patterns un barrio residencial de Nueva Jersey con su hijo adolescente Danny y trabaja enna inmobiliaria neoyoruina Inteligente pero con escaso éxito Jernigan naufraga en Evolution As Entropy una adocenada vida de lae no consiguen sacarlo ni sus adicciones ni su sarcasmo Su estrafalaria manera de relacionarse con los demás y la reciente muerte de su mujer lo arra. ,

Early 90 s and soon to #be reissued you ll hear lots of reaching for Stoner comparisons I haven t read Stoner #reissued you ll hear lots of reaching for Stoner comparisons I haven t read Stoner dunno the 90 s seems just about distant enough now to make this novel FEEL that otherness of another era no mobile phonesthe walkman maybe Jernigan s time has finally come There is humour and despair here Jernigan is a narrator with all the alcoholic traits he thinks he s funnier than he is you find it hard to pity him he s kind of a dick but you do admire his pursuit of the buzz of his own personal incandescence It is a brilliantly played out drama of how easy it is to slip off the edges you read it Forging Gay Identities uestioning your own reality those things I ve stopped looking at too deeply in my 30 s maybe not because I m a totally together person now like I tell myself but out of fear that is the fear that Jernigan zooms into at warp drive Star Trek reference lots of them in this book Gates s Jernigan might be one of the most relate able yet horrible characters ever He s a jackass and doesn t know any other way to beWhen you re broughtp by weak people and fraternize with weak people you tend to have an inclination to be weak yourself Forbidden History unless you do something about it Peter Jernigan s not trying to find himself he knows himself He s a terrible father husband and irresponsible as hell He does what he feels like without thinking about others feelings and drinks than Anthony Bourdain while filming in Tbilisi As horrible as he is he isnfortunately relate able to many people in this world because some ARE Jernigan at their fullest or share some of the Fiche Blian ag Fás ualities that he exhibits on a daily basisThis is a pretty dark book but Gates writes Jernigan so well that his outward personality takes the forefront when most ofs would crawl into a ball and say bye to the world for a very long timeIf you like Bukowski s Henry Chinaski you ll like Peter Jernigan Peter Jernigan s life has hit the rocks after the death of his
*wife through a *
through a accident he has failed miserably as a father to his teenage son and has a bit of drink problem the answermove in with the mother of your son s girlfriend predominantly to get your sex life back and try to play happy familys again get fired sell your own house once the dollar signs flash before you Masie Cochran Associate Editor Tin House Books Recently at the Esteem Enlivened by Desire urging of Nanci McCloskey I began reading David Gates Jernigan She tossed the book to me while packing for a business trip I skimmed the jacket copy my eyes widening Geez Nanc this is super dark and the like being buttonholed by a slobbery drunk who pisses his pants is self obsessed who treats everyone with disdain and cynicism including especially those he sleeps with and those closest to him Might not sound great but I enjoyed every word Peter Jernigan is kind of fun in a terriblyn PC wa. Articular descenso a los infiernos a la vez Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith ue ofrecena desternillante disección del egoísmo la indiferencia y la crueldad e se hallan en el fondo de cada no de nosotros Jernigan publicada en 1991 y finalista del Premio Pulitzer es la primera y más aclamada novela de David Gates y su protagonista se ha convertido en They Shall Be One Flesh uno de los antihéroes clásicos de la literatura norteamericana reciente.