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This is a beautiful story about a little boy and bagels Does not seem like much but this book is actually very powerful and an important read Benny S GRANDPA TELLS HIM THAT BENNY grandpa tells him that Benny be thanking God for the bagels He Makes At The Bakery Benny Decides To Sit Down makes at the bakery Benny decides to sit down thank God for the bagels just like his grandpa had told him In order to thank God for the bagels Benny brings a bag of bagels to the synagogue and this makes Benny feel good to now that they are eaten each time he comes back Sweet and powerful read I enjoyed this story about a little boy who thought he was bringing God bagels I love that he With Patience and Fortitude kept at it and that in the end he got to see the fruits of his good works APA Davis A Petri i D 2003 Bagels from Benny Toronto ON Kids Can PressReview Benny is a little boy who enjoys waking up early and helping his grandpa out at the bakery His grandpa s bagels are famouslynown for their deliciousness Benny seeks to thank his grandpa for the delicious bagels but his grandpa stops him Benny s grandpa explains that God is whom Benny should thank for the bagels To show his appreciation Benny goes to a local synagogue and leaves a bag of bagels He continues this appreciation because the bag of bagels disappears each week Benny thinks God loves his gift and eats the bagels immediately One day Benny s grandpa follows him to the synagogue Grandpa catches Benny in the act and uestions what Benny is doing Benny explains his reasoning but Grandpa tries to explain how God does not need bagels God The Light of Days knows how appreciative Benny is It turns out that a poor man was the one taking the bagels The poor man thought God was the one setting out the bagels for him He was very appreciative of God and saw this as a positive sign He even sought out work and found a job from his ne. Benny loves to help out at his grandpa's bakery in the morning and the customers love the crusty bagels with their soft insides When Grandpa explains to Benny that God not him. Ade me tear up at the end The illustrations were rendered in watercolor and pencil on 140 lb Fabriano watercolor paperIneeping with the story s motif of bagels the illustrator uses a lot of brown earth tones reminiscent of bread and the pictures are composed in a circle vignette This sweet book is utterly endearing We were all laughing out loud by the end This book made me laugh is utterly endearing We were all laughing out loud by the end This book made me laugh

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as I read to my ids While this is a Jewish tale it doesn t matter which religion or no religion you are it s a good story about how helping people enriches your life What a wonderful story Based on an old legend the story is about a little boy and his grandpa who is a baker who bakes the best bagels in town When who is a baker who bakes the best bagels in town When explains why God should be the one thanked for the bagels and not himself Benny sets out to find the best way to thank God He decides that the Synagogue would be the best place and does something secretly week after week The ending gave me goosebumps Wonderful illustrations Endearing story Brilliant storyA bold young boy personally wants to thank God for the bagels his grandpa makes in his bakery because that s who grandpa graciously thanks every time someone compliments his baked goods Benny thanks God by placing a bag of bagels once a week in an unorthodox place thinking God is gobbling them up every week Benny is first disappointed to find out who has been receiving his bagels and then grateful to discover how God worksI love love love this story for the values imparted to young minds and the effort of one bold little boy to make sure his thanks has been heard and received Reverence a generous spirit learning to speak with God and acting on love are all ualities to draw from the story and apply in daily living with our childrenA golden timeless tale. Eats the bagels or so Benny thinks Lovingly told Bagels from Benny explores the values of caring and sharing building a strong sense of community and finding joy in giving than.
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W inspiration At first Benny was upset because the poor man took God s bagels After talking to Grandpa the little boy realized he had done a great deed in helping God change the world into a better place One of strengths of the book is the story s lesson of being appreciative to others and helping those in needs AS A PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER ONE OF THE a public school teacher one of the story weaknesses the subject of religion This is such a sensitive manner in the public classroom However I do think it is possible to include such books as long as you also include other books with other religions Recommendation I would recommend this book to my coworkers to share with their family It really teaches children to become appreciative to others If you believe in God it helps you realize that he blesses you with things you don t even realize it He does not need to be thanked with materialistic things He sees your indness and gratefulness through acts of indness I do not think I would share this book with my students It clearly mentions God in the text I would need to have preparation to create a unit that is open to all religious aspects in a non biased way Outside of the public classroom I would also recommend this to children in the younger grade levels As mentioned earlier I think the story teaches children a valuable lesson Not only do they see how hard the little boy works to help his grandpa but the audience sees the little boy go through great measures just to show how thankful he isGrade Level Preschool 3rd GradeAwardsHonors IODE Jean Throop Award 2003 Sydney Taylor Book Award for Younger Readers 2003 OLA Forest of Reading Blue Spruce 2005 Recommended Reading PJ Library Recommended Reading Jewish Stars Recommended Reading Canadian Children s Book Centre This book was beautiful it honestly Should be thanked for the wonderful bagels Benny sets out to do just that He decides to leave God a bagful of bagels in the synagogue at the end of each week And each week God. Bagels from Benny

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