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Monster Collection: Scary Supernatural Horror Anthology with Monsters

Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Ron Ripley, Sara Clancy, David Longhorn, A.I. Nasser, Scare Street

The rest of the book It started strong and i was but in the 3rd I was intrigued but in the 3rd the story took a kamikaze dive You d be about characters and than they would just drop off only to reappear later in the book with no explanation as to where they went or how they got there There was no backround info on the characters to help nderstand and there were 3 4 chapters of DISPARITIONS useless fluff in the middle of the book that did nothing for the story but prolong the misery I feel sorry for the other authors in this book I can t bring myself to read any I really enjoyed these books Not too scary They couldse an editor but the typos are tolerable It was a ick read Dislike the but the typos are tolerable It was a ick read Dislike the two stories long winded with disappointing endings The book by Ron Ripley was one I had read in a previous collection I feel completely cheated To be honest I couldn t even force myself to finish the whole anthologyMaybe this book would be for you but the combination of wanton morbid gore implied child abuse and writing style just didn t keep my attention Artes e manhas da Embrafilme Cinema estatal brasileiro em sua epoca de ouro 1977 1981 uite the opposite Also the fact that you find out almost nearly immediately what is chasing the main characters kinds of kills the mystery the suspenseAnd Hunted Determined to secure their freedom he ventures out to find whoever started the curse and end it by any means necessaryOuroboros SeriesBook 4 The Sign of Ouroboros Brad Steigers dreams are filled with snake worshippers the end of the world and his missing daughter Kelly Each night the nightmares get intense and the sinister air of the dreams convinces Brad that Kelly is in even danger And time is running outBook 5 Fortress of Ghosts Brad Steigers search for Kelly leads him to ghost soldiers and flesh eating zombies defending the fields leading to a castle And beyond these monsters hell soon find out that there are worse things he needs to fearBook 6 Day of the Serpent A monsterietly lurks in the darkened waters of Loch Ness hunting mercilessly for its next prey As the mists thicken and the beginning of the end nears no one can withstand the pull of the Great Old One summoning the weak to come closerand closerStandalone NovelsBook 7 Blood Carousel The carnival is back in town and for Jack Heldon it brings nightmares of burning walls raspy chuckles and fiery red eyes in the dark As residents are drawn into the lights and music of Ebenezers Carnival Jack and his friends are forced to come face Issyoga unbiased opinions I give this review by choice If you want to get deeply involve in an extremely well written collection of scary creepy stuff this is the collection for you The characters are well developed and you care what happens to them some you want safety others you want them to pay for their sins You find yourself emerged in what is going on and feeling like you are part of it Sometimes wanting it to be over so that you feel safe But sad when it is Great stories well visualized and will hook you from the very beginning Perfect time of year for this collection to be one of your collections Adendum I was asked to write an adendum to my earlier review I only read Sara s book and that turned me off I still stand by my reviewI was given an advance copy of this book for an honest review The first short story was horrible and ruined any desire to finish. Footsteps in the attic Scratching behind closet doors Rattlingnder the bed Monsters are always waiting around the corner and although we shrug it off as childhood paranoia deep down we know theyre there Scare Street brings together 8 best selling monster themed novels by supernatural horror authors Ron Ripley Sara Clancy David Longhorn and A I Nasser If you were scared of the monsters Logans Alpha Evans Alphas under your bed then you have no idea whats coming for youWrath and Vengeance SeriesBook 1 Pound of Flesh Summoned by years of pain and rage three demonic sisters have descendedpon an isolated ghost town ripping their victims to shreds before offering a merciful death Aleksandr the son of serial killers must battle these hellish creatures or suffer a torturous painful deathBook 2 Devils Playground Two years after his narrow escape Aleksandr soon realizes that wrath is never truly satisfied The Furies are hungrier than ever before Death lurks around every corner and he must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice to survive before its too lateBook 3 Scorched Earth Four years have passed and the Furies have changed the rules of the game Not only is Aleksandr fighting for his own life but even his loved ones are being. .

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Didn t find the characters identifiable I couldn t engage with themMaybe this book will be for you It wasn t for me Monster Collection overall was a great collection of new series and stand alones that I would recommend to other readersI really enjoyed Sara Clancy s Wrath and Vengeance Series with each book she left me curious as to what the characters would experience next in their journey I would be interested in reading about Aleksandr and Evelyn should Sara write a fourth installment in the seriesI did not complete the Ouroboros Series as I had a hard time keeping interest but I look forward to trying again at another timeI have read several books by Ron Ripley including the the Moving In Series so I was excited to be included in the pre reading of Blood Contract This is another that I would be interested in reading a future installmentThe stand alone of Blood Carousel was an easy yet entertaining read that I would recommend to others who enjoy horror stories I ve read all these and pretty much loved them all Filled with chills and thrills it s a perfect set to read for Halloween It has everything you could #Want In A Scary Read #in a scary read it a go you won t be disappointed love it. O face with the horrors of their past and the evil that tore them apart Theyll soon find out that theres no escaping the clutches of Ebenezer's Carnival and the screams withinBook 8 Blood Contract Signed over two hundred years ago a contract was made to ensure the sanctity of the Blood Lands In return the Blood family dedicated their lives to the protection of the town But now the town has decided to break the Contract and the Bloods are not pleased Not at allWhat are saying 'A compelling cast of characters; even the ghosts have interesting personalities and the tension on a high note and climbs into the stratosphere' 'Murderous the ghosts have interesting personalities and the tension on a high note and climbs into the stratosphere' 'Murderous are not the worst thing waiting Well paced with strong characters living and dead it was a new twist that was well worth reading' 'This book has everything The characters are terrifying violent and yet likable; psychopathic murderous and yet relatable; and the monsters are both human and fantastical and eually frightening There is love humor and lots of dead bodies Anyone who enjoys horror stories should really read this' More than 3000 copies sold and 100s of five star reviews Start a collection you won't want to put downScroll A Knightess In Shiny Armor (Book 1): An Arthina of Camalittle Adventure [Empowering Illustrated Children's Chapter Book] up and grab your copy no.